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A breastfeeding woman needs 290 mcg of iodine. If a woman cannot meet her daily iodine needs, she should take iodine weekly.




Why is iodine important?


by consuming iodine Body Is developed. You must understand that for the development of your child, you must diet It is important to include iodine. This contributes to the development of the child’s brain and nervous system. The rate at which your body uses its energy (or rather the rate of metabolism) is determined by the mother’s iodine intake during pregnancy. pregnant women Due to the lack of iodine, the thyroid gland is not controlled. If you want to keep your child healthy, it is your duty to consume the right amount of iodine in your diet.





Causes of iodine deficiency in pregnant women




There are many symptoms of iodine deficiency in pregnant women, such as dry skin or feeling extremely cold. Due to iodine deficiency, the metabolic rate of a pregnant woman is also affected. To avoid this problem, a pregnant woman must consume the right amount of iodine. Many women do not eat a proper diet, which can lead to iodine deficiency, which can be dangerous for you and your child.




Effect of iodine deficiency




be short


Iodine deficiency can lead to short stature and its diagnosis is also very difficult. Due to the lack of iodine in the mother’s body, the development of the child’s brain stops. Thanks to this, the child can become mentally ill for life.

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slow development


From time to time during pregnancy and early in your baby’s life, certain milestones are important to take. For example, at a certain age, a child must learn to talk and walk. The child does all this work with the help of his brain development. If the child’s brain is not developing due to iodine deficiency in the womb, then all these things are also affected. As a result, the child develops slowly compared to other children his age.




neonatal hypothyroidism


This condition is called congenital hypothyroidism and is caused by insufficient thyroid production in the newborn. This is an anatomical disorder of the child’s gland or a problem with thyroid metabolism. This is very common due to iodine deficiency during pregnancy.






This condition is also known as primary hypothyroidism of the newborn. This happens in very rare cases. However, it is very dangerous and if not detected after the baby is born, its consequences can be fatal. There is only one treatment for this: hormone replacement, which will not only be difficult for the child, but will also be expensive. It would be better if the pregnant woman consumes iodine in appropriate quantity.






This is the most difficult time for any pregnant woman. Due to iodine deficiency, the fetus is unable to develop and miscarriage occurs. This has a detrimental effect on the body and mind of the pregnant woman. To avoid this problem, you must compensate for the iodine deficiency in your body before even conceiving. If you have any doubts, you can talk to your doctor. By making these small changes to your lifestyle, you can give your baby a long, healthy life.

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