Jadzia Onorati-Phillips of Marysville qualifies for CrossFit Games

Consistency helped Jadzia Onorati-Phillips become a constant fixture in her sport. But she is always looking to go further.

Onorati-Phillips, 17, of Marysville, recently qualified for the 2022 CrossFit Games. She is one of 10 athletes in his class (girls ages 16-17) who will participate in the global event, which kicks off August 3 in Madison, Wisconsin.

“I am very excited to try to do better than last year,” said Onorati-Phillips, who finished fourth in 2021. “I have learned a lot and I have more experience. I have not competed in person. in a time. I’m really excited to get back and just compete with people and feed off that energy.”

CrossFit is a fitness program named after the company that created it, CrossFit LLC. The organization has thousands of affiliated gyms around the world. Athletes can train recreationally or competitively. Onorati-Phillips does the latter.

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