Jennifer Aniston Gave a Rare Look at Her Workout Routine, Until Her Dogs Interrupted

I don’t know about you, but when I imagine celebrities exercisingthey’re usually found in high-tech, perfectly lit, Instagrammable venues. home gym. They have all the right equipment. They’re sweating photogenically as they go through a crisis circuit. No distractions, no random equipment, just a colorful yoga mat and a sweat session.

So when Jennifer Aniston shared a rare glimpse into her workout routine yesterday, I obviously had to see if my expectations lived up to reality. For the most part, they did: It has great lighting, plants peeking through the windows, and neatly stacked weights and objects. yoga blocks everyone in their places.

But in today’s “celebrities, they’re just like us!” At the time, I clearly didn’t factor pets into the equation. As anyone who has exercised within range of an animal well knows, pets are fascinated by training. They look at you from afar, completely confused (“What is the human being making?”), sniffs your gear, walks between your legs when you do squats, or tries to join you on the treadmill. A cat lay down directly under me while I was doing a plank. It’s funny, it’s cute, but it’s also like, Do you know how close I am to collapsing on top of you right now?

All of that is to say that Aniston can apparently relate. Her Instagram, which featured the actress doing (or at least trying to do) a kettlebell workout, also featured cameos from two of her dogs, Clyde and Lord Chesterfield. Aniston is on the ground trying to get through it bicycle crunches — great option for targeting the obliques, by the way, and Clyde and Lord Chesterfield are playing tug-of-war at his feet. aniston starts it kettlebell squats and Lord Chesterfield drops to the ground like, “Is it time to play?”

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To Aniston’s credit, she doesn’t let the dogs distract her from doing her training. She would have given up on me after three sit-ups and joined the tug of war, personally, but Aniston has those trademark abs to work with and nothing gets in the way. the way of him. And he looks, his dogs are adorable, and we appreciate his presence. That said, if Aniston wants to drop a couple more exercises next time, we’d definitely be fine with that. Until then, we’ll keep doing your abdominal workout and see if any pups come out to play with us too.

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