Kayla Itsines shares her advice for some of the most common fitness hurdles

We all know that moving our body is good for us, but sometimes there are a few things that get in the way.

Whether you feel like you’re short on time, have knee problems, don’t like doing jumping cardio, or just feel too sore to exercise, these are all things that could be considered a “hindrance” to your exercise routine

Fortunately, Sweat Trainer Kayla Itsines is here to help.

The international fitness superstar sat down with 9Honey to share her top tips to help overcome some of the most common obstacles when it comes to working out.

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Kayla Itsines shares her top tips to help overcome some of the most common physical obstacles. (instagram)

“I’m going to give you the top three that I always listen to, and then what I do about it,” Itsines tells us.

“The first common hurdle that people may struggle with is work-life balance and fitness.”

If that’s the case for you, Itsines recommends scheduling two workouts per day, but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

“You don’t have to do two workouts, just assign twice in one day, because you might miss the first one,” he adds.

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kayla itsines
Kayla Itsines shares some of her favorite low-impact cardio exercises. (Nine)

“Another common roadblock to fitness is people coming up to me and saying things like ‘I want to do a great cardio workout, but I don’t really want to jump.'”

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There are some low-impact cardio exercises you can do instead, for which you don’t even have to get off the ground.

And if you’re too sore to exercise, Itsines says try some stretching.

For all of Kayla Itsines’ tips, watch the video at the top of the page.

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