Lose Up to 18 Pounds in 17 Days With These Tasty Anti-Inflammatory Diet Swaps

Mike Moreno, MD, used to think his rapid weight loss was down to a science…until he developed a painful hip condition. After experimenting with strategies to alleviate discomfort, he passed on his best anti-inflammatory diet exchanges to patients and fans on social media. Suddenly many were losing faster than ever: a pound a day, sometimes two. On top of that, “people stopped needing painkillers and cortisone shots. Blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol dramatically improved in a short time,” he says. There was also a long-term advantage: Reducing inflammation changes body chemistry and speeds up fat burning, which is why people report losing for periods of up to six months without a strict plan. Says Dr. Mike, “I think you will be surprised by the results. I know who I am!”

Even if you don’t have pain or swelling, Dr. Mike says there’s still a good chance the inflammation is hiding inside you. Why? Modern life is inflammatory, and factors like blood sugar spikes and polluted air never go away enough for the irritation to subside. Chronic inflammation then “smolders” in our tissues and organs, putting such stress on our immune systems that research now links it to everything from allergies and IBS to heart disease and multiple sclerosis. It also stresses the thyroid and fat-burning mechanisms in the cells, slowing down metabolism. “It can make weight easy to gain and hard to lose,” notes Dr. Mike.

The solution? Just replace inflammatory foods with healing options, he says. The 17 day kickstart diet (Buy on Amazon, $19.49) Author. In general, you’ll limit foods that can spike your blood sugar or cause GI upset (i.e., candy, grains, dairy, and processed junk), while consuming foods packed with soothing antioxidants, fats, and protein (especially colorful produce). , shellfish, and healthy oils). Clinical trials show that approaches like this are so good at relieving inflammation that they can start to reverse diabetes in three days, clear brain fog in 10 days, and reduce blood pressure and pain in 17 days, all while causing weight loss. impressive weight. “By day four, you’ll feel so good you’ll never want to stop.”

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Dr. Mike’s Best Trades

To get started, try the fun menus below, or simply use these tasty ideas to prepare your favorite meals…

Swap the sugar for maple syrup. Refined sweeteners wreak havoc on blood sugar and lack antioxidants. On the contrary, studies show Maple syrup Contains dozens of antioxidants. “A couple of servings a day can satisfy your sweet tooth while getting you closer to your goals,” says Dr. Mike.

Swap vegetable oil for avocado oil. Most cooking oil contains inflammatory compounds. “Even olive oil can be inflammatory when heated,” warns Dr. Mike. But avocado oil has a high “smoke point,” which makes it safe against hunger and aids in cooking. It’s also packed with anti-inflammatory nutrients that have been shown to shed belly fat and melt away up to 30 times faster!

Swap the pasta for beans. While most starchy foods raise blood sugar, the “resistant starch” in beans is digested in a way that lowers blood sugar and, according to University of Colorado findings, speeds up metabolism. metabolism by 25 percent.

Swap deli meat for canned salmon. The chemicals in processed meat are highly inflammatory, warns Dr. Mike. The omega-3s in seafood have the opposite effect, plus studies show they increase fat burning. None wild salmon it’s great, but canned versions are convenient and affordable.

Swap diet soda for green tea. The latest science shows that artificial sweeteners feed inflammatory gut bacteria. Meanwhile, green tea is a concentrated source of antioxidants that feed good bacteria and boost metabolism. Not surprisingly, a Tufts University study found dieters who drink Green Tea lose up to 25 times more belly fat than those who drink diet soda.

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These Easy Superfood Meals Calm Down While You Lose Weight

To try Dr. Mike’s approach, enjoy three meals a day, using vegetables and fruits to fill each session with color. Make omega-3-rich seafood a baseline protein, beans a baseline starch, and add a little good fat per session. Drink water or green tea instead of sugary drinks.

If you’re hungry, have one or two boiled eggs, pickles, or vegetables for a snack. Stay away from most processed foods and grains. Find more information and meal ideas at DrMikeDiet.com.

BREAKFAST: Blitz 1 cup of nut milk, 1 cup of vegetables and 2 tsp. Maple syrup. Add 3 tbsp. chia; cool. Top with fruit.

FOOD: Top a colorful salad with 1 cup of chickpeas or beans and an olive oil vinaigrette.

DINNER: Bake fish with avocado oil and spices; serve with roasted vegetables and lemon

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