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You will be surprised to learn that menopause also occurs in men. Although it is very common among women, this problem occurs in them between the ages of 40 and 45. It is caused by age-related changes in male hormone levels.

This happens because the same group of men also have testosterone deficiency and androgen deficiency. Let us tell you that it is also known as hypogonadism. This problem appears in men after 50 years or older.

Menopause in men differs from menopause in women in many ways. We can say that not all men experience this. However, the man may have sexual problems due to your low hormone levels.

Menopause Symptoms in Men

  • lack of energy,
  • sudden change of temperament,
  • low self-confidence,
  • lack of concentration,
  • insomnia or difficulty sleeping,

Low testosterone levels associated with male menopause osteoporosis Has also been linked to. This is a condition in which your bones Weak It happens. These are very rare symptoms. This problem usually Men It affects women at the same age as they enter menopause.

because of menopause

  • Nowadays, poor eating habits make them victims of many diseases.
  • Many people fall victim to many diseases due to their irregular lifestyle.
  • People who often work sitting physical The problem is worse, it happens to you even when your physical effort is reduced.
  • hormones Changes As you age, your hormones also change. Which causes many changes in the body.
  • Due to lack of sleep, physical condition and Mental Affect the situation that causes it.
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Indeed, before reaching puberty, the level of testosterone present in your body decreases. They increase when you become sexually mature. testosterone The hormone testosterone itself causes many changes in men:

  • the growth of your hair,
  • your voice falls,
  • Yours sexual Change in action.

As you age, your testosterone levels generally decrease. It has been observed that after age 30, testosterone levels in men decrease by an average of 1 percent per year. A few? Health The conditions can cause your testosterone levels to drop.

Ways to Prevent Menopause in Men

at men’s menopause To improve menopause symptoms, you must first adopt a healthy lifestyle. If we talk as an example:

  • You should always keep in mind that everything you eat should be completely healthy for you, only a healthy diet protects you from many diseases.
  • Regular Exercise By doing this you can protect yourself from many types of diseases, so it is very important that you do exercise or yoga.
  • Sufficient Sleep can also protect you from many diseases, so you should get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep.
  • If you are under a lot of pressure for a job and it is stressing you out, then don’t do it at all, instead seek help from another person to do that job.

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