Mental Health Of People “Least Priority” To Bihar Government: High Court



A bank in the division expressed dismay at the absence of a mental health authority in the state.


The Patna High Court has said that it appears that people’s mental health and treatment is the “least priority” of the Bihar government, and ordered the Chief Registrar to take all necessary steps to ensure the establishment of a State Authority of Mental Health.

A bench in the division, made up of Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice S Kumar, expressed dismay at the absence of such an authority in the state.

“It seems that the mental health of a person and the treatment of those who need it, even more so during the time of Covid-19, is the lowest priority of the state government,” the bank said.

Heard public interest litigation, brought by Akanksha Maviya, which sought court direction from the state government to establish a legitimate and functional mental health authority with compliance with the Mental Health Act 2017 and start a helpline and facilities of advice.

The government had previously submitted an affidavit on the matter as requested by the court.

The Act deals with the establishment and composition of the state authority for people with mental illness. The purpose of the law is to provide health services and protect, promote and enforce their rights.

The caucus noted that a “step to establish the authority began only in 2020, that too, with the publication of an announcement in the newspaper and since then nothing has been done to expedite the process.”

He also noted that even the affidavit did not indicate the timeframe within which the installation process of the mental health authority would be completed.

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“Surprisingly, as now appears from the affidavit filed by the state, such an authority has not yet been established… we are forced to order the chief secretary of the Government of Bihar to take all necessary steps to ensure the establishment of the authority. as provided in Section 45 of the Act,” the court said in its February 10 order.

It also ordered the principal clerk to file an affidavit of compliance, indicating the latest status by February 25, the next hearing date.

“We also expect the Chief Secretary of the Government of Bihar to indicate the measures taken to comply with the other provisions of the Statute, the deficiencies pointed out by the petitioner in the written request and the suggestion given for a proper and effective implementation,” said the bank. added.

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