Milind Soman thinks push-ups are the ‘best thing to do at sunset’, nails ’50 in 50 at 56′

Milind Soman He continues to set fitness goals for his fans and followers by pushing his limits and trying something new to stay active and healthy. As such, the 56-year-old, who swears by a quick but effective workout every day, was recently spotted doing push-ups: “50 on 50 on 56.”

“The best thing to do at sunset!” captioned the video shot by a fellow fitness enthusiast and his wife Ankita Konwar in Gujarat.

He teamed up with Vinay Dahiya for the exercise.

While it’s not unusual for the Ironman athlete to take a few minutes for his daily workouts no matter where he is – we’ve even seen him do pull-ups on the road – this time his video caught people’s attention. Reason: the ‘bending shape’ of it.

What’s the rush… we’re not supposed to go down any further in a push up?, one user asked, to which the supermodel replied, “Are we supposed to? For what? There is no rush at all :)”.

Milind Soman Milind Soman responds to followers who question her way of doing push-ups (Source: Milind Soman/Instagram)

Another user noted that it could have gone a bit lower on dives. “Possibly lower in the dive with the upper arms parallel to the ground. The arms are fully extended on the ascent. I’m good in theory, but I can’t do half of what he’s done when he’s a year older,” he said. Soman responded by saying, “I’m bad at theory but good at comfortable movement 🙂 that’s how I did Ironman.”

Milind SomanMilind Soman What is your opinion? (Source: Milind Soman/Instagram)

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Another user noted that he said: “I guess it’s better to go lower on the pushups, do less but correctly. Well done anyway.” “Movement is correct when the chance of injury is minimized :),” Soman said.

What is the best way to do push-ups?

TO body weight exercisePush-ups are an effective way to strengthen your chest and arm muscles, and can be easily scaled as you get stronger. Simple push-ups require nothing more than your body weight and can be done anywhere.

*To do a proper push-up, lie face down on the floor and place your hands just below your shoulders.

* Next, lift your body 1 inch off the ground as you inhale, then return to the starting position as you exhale. you you firm chest and back.

“That said, the depth of the drop is up to you and the health of your shoulder. Each person has a different build in shoulder anatomy, as well as different injury histories and lifestyles, so bearing loads in deep positions can cause different degrees of discomfort. So if you don’t have a history of shoulder injury and you don’t feel pain, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go through full range of motion when performing Lizardsas long as it doesn’t hurt you,” said Kenny Soru, Certified Personal Trainer and Professional Bodybuilder, IBBF Athlete.

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