Morgan Wade reveals ‘digital detox’ reason behind good mental health

Morgan Wade has revealed how avoiding social media has helped her prioritize her mental health.

The 29-year-old singer stated that she considers putting her phone aside as a “digital detox” since she is not gaming or doomscrolling, and simply puts it on Do Not Disturb.

Wade also made his dedication to his detox clear by sharing that he hasn’t logged into any apps for about a month and what he’s been doing instead.

He wildest days singer said PEOPLE“I’ve just been reading. I’ve read so much in this last month that I haven’t picked up my phone every two seconds to mindlessly scroll.”

He claims to have seen transformative change due to this decision by “getting rid of distractions.” This change has allowed the star to reflect on life and see it from different angles.

Morgan Wade also believes it helps him give value to the things that really matter. In addition, the music star has also made known her love for running and says that it is one of the sources of her inspiration and creativity.

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