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Myopia is a very serious disease today that affects young children. Most cases are seen in young children only, due to radiation. This radiation is due to excessive phone usage and nowadays parents give phones to their children from a young age. Children continue to do different types of activities and mainly use phones, due to which their eyes start to weaken. Which is very detrimental for their future. On the contrary, if he goes out and plays, it will be better for his overall health.




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What is myopia ?




Myopia means difficulty seeing distant objects or blurred vision of distant objects. If we explain in the language of the doctor then when myopia Eye When the size of the pupil (the eyeball) begins to increase, then whatever you see, the image of whatever you see forms a little forward instead of forming on the retina. For this reason, distant objects appear blurry and unclear. While there is no problem in seeing nearby objects. A report reveals that 20-30% of the Indian population suffers from myopia, i.e. short-sightedness. In this disease, nearby objects appear clearly but distant objects appear completely blurred.



Causes of myopia?




Most people around the world are affected by myopia, so in this article we will explain its main reasons. If you know these reasons, you will be saved from myopia.


  • excessive phone use
  • hours of computer work
  • presence of myopia in parents
  • more detailed work
  • bright light on the eyes
  • read in low light conditions, Mobile to use
  • do something close
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symptoms of myopia


  • Pain in the eyes when looking at distant things.
  • Flashing frequently.
  • Difficulty driving at night.
  • Have a severe headache.
  • Try narrowing your eyelids.
  • Frequent tearing.
  • children Apart from these, the following symptoms may also be observed.
  • Inability to see properly on a blackboard or whiteboard in the classroom.
  • Constant rubbing or itching of the eyes.
  • Pain in the eyes when looking at something attentively.
  • blurred vision at distance

What are its solutions?



1. In your eyes every 30 minutes while working on the computer Water sprinkled with

2. Maintain a good distance between books and eyes

3. Read in good light

4. Smoking also harms the eyes. Smoke dries up moisture in the eyes.

5. Use glasses with normal lenses when working on a computer.

6. Children should not use phones and TV plan a visit

7. Eat as much fruit as possible




In case of eye problem, you can contact our doctor. However, one of the reasons for myopia is an irregular lifestyle that affects your overall eye health. Body Affects completely. At the same time, your eating habits also affect your eyes, so eat more and more green vegetables which will help improve your eyesight. As carrotSpinach, eggs, almonds, raisins, cashews, blackberries, blueberries, garlic, onions, etc., all these things help to improve eyesight. So you consume them daily. You will be saved from myopia to a large extent.




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