New mum shed 1.7st of fat in 3 months by performing two basic exercises every week

“I was afraid of what my body might do, but Marianne only introduced new exercises when she felt confident and strong enough.”

For any other women who have recently given birth and are wondering if postpartum weight training hurts, Ritika said: “Physically it takes a lot of hard work, but at no time did I feel any pain around my scar.

“I was a little apprehensive when I first did glute bridges, but Marianne put my mind at ease.

“Training never got ‘easier’ as my coach always challenged me and made my plan more difficult. That said, my body got used to the movement patterns and lifting weights and I grew to love it.”

Ritika did three full-body workouts a week and aimed to walk 10 to 15,000 steps a day.

As for changes to her diet, Ritika revealed, “One of my biggest lessons from UP is that without balanced meals a ‘diet’ will not be sustainable. I am no longer afraid of carbohydrates and fats because I know my body needs them for my health and performance.

“I use the UP application to track my meals and enjoy planning my week to reach my nutritional goals.”


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