Post-Covid mental health cases increased, says expert

By express news service

NEW DELHI: India has over 10 percent psychiatric disorders, but post-Covid ‘hidden cases’ have emerged, needing urgent advice and help, without being stigmatized.

These ‘hidden cases’ need to be diagnosed and treated, said Dr. Nimesh Desai, senior consultant in psychiatry and former director of the Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IHBAS) in an interaction at the Indian Women’s Press Corps (IWPC) on Saturday.

Citing data, he said 25 percent of psychiatric disorders are reported globally, compared to 50 percent in the US alone. India reports 10 to 12 percent of psychiatric disorders.

“There is no denying that the three waves of covid were traumatic for people, especially the second wave when levels of distress, sadness and anxiety increased. However, the rest of the two years of the pandemic, people were able to deal with their problems,” he said.

He said the Tele Mental Health Program, announced during the 2022-23 union budget to support people who have been dealing with deteriorating mental health, especially amid the pandemic, is a good move and could address the needs of those masses regarding mental health. problems.

What goes in India’s favor is strong family support, he added.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of post-Covid builds. One should not connect mental health issues to Covid alone,” he said.

One can identify if he has mental health problems if he finds that his sleep patterns are disturbed in addition to daily life being affected. “These people should seek counseling and further diagnosis and treatment,” she added.

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