Ranveer Singh Just Revealed What He Eats For Breakfast And It Is All About Health

Being a celebrity is not a piece of cake! One must adhere to a strict routine and diet to maintain a balance and create a healthy lifestyle. Eating without measuring and a lazy lifestyle does not help a person gain the muscle and abs that celebrities have. The key to that lifestyle is a healthy breakfast! From health nutritionists to board-certified doctors, just about everyone advises eating a hearty, nutritious breakfast. And Ranveer Singh agrees too! The star of recent Bollywood hit 83 revealed her weekday breakfast and we were shocked at what she eats to start her day. So what exactly does Ranveer Singh eat for his breakfast? Have a look:

Through an “Ask Me Anything” featured by Ranveer Singh on his Instagram stories, he revealed what he ate for breakfast on a Wednesday morning, and the menu was long! First, he starts with a bowl of oatmeal, measured at 130 grams, with 15 grams of walnuts and 5 grams of chocolate chips. Then enjoy immunity-boosting injections, along with a detox drink. She then finishes her meal with a probiotic drink and shilajit, ashwagandha date balls. It seems that the key to Ranveer Singh’s fitness is a healthy breakfast!

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Ranveer Singh’s healthy breakfast doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy delicious and sinful meals! In fact, he is quite enthusiastic himself. Like most foodies, he too loves to indulge in a delicious slice of pizza. Deepika Padukone’s sister Anisha and Ranveer Singh even bond over this mutual love of pizza. Thats not all; from time to time he also indulges in Sindhi food, and your favorite sindhi combination it is sindhi curry, with rice and boondi along with arbi tuk.

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