Room Heater Side Effects: Dryness, Itchy Eyes and 5 Other Ways How it Can Impact Our Health

Are you room heater up and running already? Well, while these do create a cosy environment, it might even pose certain health risks.

Room Heater Side Effects: 5 Ways How it Can Impact Our Health (Freepik)

As the temperature drops, we all love to snuggle in the blanket. While on one hand we enjoy the cosy blankets and hot beverages, the chilly temperatures may make it slightly more challenging and even make us shiver in sweaters. It is here when room heaters come to the rescue. The warmth from heaters is what one seeks then. However, it does not come without certain disadvantages. Dryness to health risks, there is a lot that may happen when there excess of anything.

Here are a few things one must be mindful of when using a room heater.


  1. Dryness: Winters entail dryness. The heat from the electronics may dry the moisture from the air. This further may lead to dryness in the eyes, throat, skin etc. When the heater is running for long, it may dry out moisture from the skin and then lead to certain problems.
  2. Eye and Skin Irritation: Long exposure to heaters may lead to dryness of skin and eyes. This further may cause irritation, itching and discomfort. V
  3. Respiratory Issues: The dryness created by room heaters may worsen respiratory problems.
  4. Fire Hazard: Overusing room heater or poor maintenance of the electronic device can lead to overheating. It further poses a fire hazard risk. Therefore, it is important to keep all flammable items distant from the heater.
  5. Release of Carbon Monoxide: Room heaters tend to release carbon monoxide which is toxic and poisonous.
  6. May Trigger Allergens: The dust particles keep circulating inside the space where a heater is up and running. When the electronic device is left running for a longer duration or frequently, it may trigger allergies and asthma as well. Hence, maintaining and cleaning the room heater regularly is also important.
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