Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Note: It is better to consult your doctor before following any of the above-mentioned things.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Yes, if there are no complications in your pregnancy and it is a healthy pregnancy, then there is no problem in having sex. Thick layer of mucus plug that seals the cervix

sex during pregnancy

Protects your baby from any kind of infection. Apart from this, the strong muscles of the amniotic sac and your uterus also keep your baby safe.

Perhaps you have heard that having sex during pregnancy leads to premature birth of the child. This is not correct, as long as your pregnancy is a normal pregnancy.

If your body is not ready to have children, then having sex will not lead to premature birth.

However, there are some conditions where you should be careful in having sex:

  •  If you have had problems with bleeding in the early days of pregnancy, your doctor may not recommend having sex until 14 weeks have passed since you were pregnant.
  • Have a history of cervical weakness.
  •  Placenta (placenta) should be on the lower side.
  •  Vaginal (vaginal) infection is happening.

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