Should unrefined oil always be heated before cooking? Know its advantages and disadvantages

People who are very concerned about their health. Plus, it uses minimal processed foods. Instead, use more and more natural and organic products in your diet. These people are using more and more unrefined oil.

Pay particular attention to these items before cooking food in unrefined oil.

This oil contains abundant nutrients. If you cook food in it, the taste automatically doubles. Although unrefined oil is pure. But before cooking it, it is very important to keep certain things in mind, ignoring those that can prove dangerous for our health.

Formula for cooking in unrefined oil

According to reports in Indian Express, chef Ranveer Brar shared a video on his Instagram. In which he is seen explaining a special formula for cooking food in unrefined oil. It says before cooking, heat the oil, when smoke starts coming out, then cool it before cooking.

Is this method effective?

Sanchi Tiwari, a nutritionist at Lord’s Mark Biotech, says unrefined oils should be heated until they smoke and then cooled before using them for cooking. There is a technique used to enhance the cooking of delicious dishes in oil. Unrefined oils generally have low smoke points because they contain free fatty acids and few vegetable impurities. As a result, they can spoil quickly and the taste of the food prepared in them can also spoil. Tiwari says that by heating the oil until it smokes, these impurities are released or burned off, which slightly increases the smoke point of the oil and, as a result, the oil becomes lighter.

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Heating unrefined oils does not destroy nutrients.

According to Kanika Malhotra, consulting dietitian and certified diabetes educator, there is generally no need to heat unrefined oils before use. These are extracted by cold pressing and thus retain their natural taste and bioactives. Does heating unrefined oil affect its nutritional content and flavor profile? Heating may slightly reduce some vitamins and antioxidants, but this depends on the oil and the length of heating. The overall impact on nutritional value is minor.

Disclaimer: Some information given in news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you should consult the relevant expert.

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