Snipers, drones, commandos… security at Modi’s inauguration will be impenetrable, even birds won’t be able to kill him.

Narendra Modi’s oath-taking ceremony: Narendra Modi He will be sworn in as prime minister for the third time on Sunday. This swearing-in program will take place at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Regarding which the Delhi Police is making preparations. Strict security measures are taken in and around Rashtrapati Bhavan. According to police officials, several layers of security measures will be in place during this period. According to sources, five companies of paramilitary forces will be deployed for security of Rashtrapati Bhavan, apart from this, NSG commandos, drones and snipers will also be deployed on high-rise buildings.

The capital on alert

Many foreign guests will also participate in the swearing-in ceremony. In such a situation, the entire capital will be on alert. Responsibility for the security of foreign guests will also rest on the shoulders of intelligence agencies. Strict security arrangements have been made as per protocol for each head of state. In addition, the security of hotels where foreign guests will stay has also been strengthened.

Control zones created

According to police, the area around Rashtrapati Bhavan has become a control zone. In which, during the scheme, only vehicles with a pass will be able to enter Sansad Marg, Rafi Marg, Raisina Road, Rajendra Prasad Road, Mother Teresa Crescent, Sardar Patel Marg. According to the police, this program will be monitored using more than 500 video surveillance cameras. Section 144 has also been imposed in the entire New Delhi region.

In view of the Delhi Police swearing-in, several restrictions have also been imposed for June 9 and 10. Delhi has been declared a no-fly zone. During this period, the flying of sub-conventional aerial platforms such as paragliders, paramotors, hang gliders, drones, UAS, microlight aircraft and remote controlled aircraft was banned across Delhi. The Delhi Police has also issued an advisory in this regard.

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A checking drive is being carried out in and around Rashtrapati Bhavan and every vehicle passing there is being searched. Control rooms are set up at different places by the Delhi Police. Security personnel are deployed there to monitor and provide information on any emergencies or threats.

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