Suffering From High Uric Acid? 5 Ayurveda Herbs For Natural Relief

Uric Acid Control: High uric acid can lead to inflammation and joint pain in the body. Here are few powerful Ayurveda herbs that can help manage this condition naturally.

Suffering From High Uric Acid? 5 Ayurveda Herbs For Natural Relief

Our bodies produce uric acid as a waste product following the breakdown of items called purines. These purines are present in various foods and drinks. If uric acid levels increase, severe conditions like painful joints, gout and kidney stones can occur. It is essential to control uric acid levels to prevent further health conditions.

Doctors usually recommend certain medications as well as lifestyle changes to regulate these uric acid levels. However, Ayurveda, a holistic Indian approach, can also help manage this condition. This traditional medical system offers several home remedies to lower uric acid levels effectively without any condition. So, we have shared a few Ayurveda herbs that can help lower uric acid levels naturally. Read below!


  1. Giloy, also known as Guduchi, is a revered herb in Ayurveda for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in detoxifying the body and reducing uric acid levels. Consuming giloy regularly can also strengthen the immune system and enhance overall health.
  2. Gokshura: Also commonly known as puncture vine, is popular for its diuretic and detoxifying properties. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body, including excess uric acid. Moreover, it also supports kidney function and promotes urinary tract health.
  3. Punarnava: Acting as a natural diuretic, Punarnava promotes the elimination of uric acid through urine. It supports kidney function and urinary tract health, reducing water retention and bloating.
  4. Triphala: Triphala is a traditional Ayurvedic herb which acts as a natural laxative, promoting bowel movement and elimination. It also helps support metabolic health, helping regulate uric acid levels.
  5. Methi or fenugreek is a common kitchen herb with potent medicinal properties. It contains special compounds like saponins and flavonoids that exhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Consuming Methi seeds regularly can help in easing joint pain and lowering uric acid levels.
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