The #1 Best Fruit to Prevent Aging, Science Says — Eat This Not That

When you think about what to eat or drink to prevent aging, you may already be aware of the best walnut to slow aging just like him best tea for anti aging. However, what about the best fruit?

You may be surprised and delighted that avocados (Yes, avocados are a fruit) can help keep your brain fit.

Tufts University research that appeared in the journal nutrients broke down the results of a randomized trial in which participants ate an avocado every day for six months, while others ate a potato or a cup of chickpeas. At the end of the trial, those who ate avocados had elevated levels of lutein, which is linked to cognitive function and memory.

“This research is very exciting and shows great promise for healthy aging,” Courtney Bliss, MS RDN and owner of feeding happiness He says Eat this, not that! “As our population ages and pays more attention to health, this simple dietary addition can be a big part of nutrition for all ages.”

avocado halves in a bowl

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Trista Best, MPH, RD, LD tells to Eat this, not that! that avocados are so beneficial because of the amount of magnesium they contain.

Magnesium it is vital for life as it is contained in every cell in the body and is important for carrying out many bodily functions,” says Best. “One avocado contains nearly 60 milligrams of magnesium, which is 15% of the daily recommended value for this nutrient.”

Best adds that magnesium “not only works inside the brain for mood and cognitive support, but also outside the brain in blood vessels. It acts as a vasodilator to dilate vessels, which increases blood flow to the brain.” “.

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When it comes to making a list of foods that boost brain power, Omega 3 The foods they contain are generally at the top, says Best. In addition to being rich in magnesium, avocados are also high in omega-3 fatty acids.

“About 60% of the brain is made of fat, and half of that is omega-3 fats,” says Best. “Foods rich in omega-3 have been found to help prevent cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and slow mental decline. The brain requires omega-3 fat to produce nerve cells, which are vital for memory and the ability to learn.” “.

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