The Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Visceral Fat ASAP, Trainer Says — Eat This Not That

Most of my clients aim to get in shape and lose body fat. the best way to lose fat is to focus on the basics: strength training regularly, eating a healthy diet, and doing regular cardio. By consistently nailing those three habits, you should be able to shed the fat and achieve the physique you want. (However, depending on their genetics, training history, and routine, some may have a harder time losing fat than others.) Today we are going to talk about the best exercises to get rid of visceral fat quick, but before we do that, let’s first look at the types of fat in your body.

Here is a quick summary. The body houses several types of fatsuch as visceral (the fat that surrounds the organs and can cause serious health complications if it has high levels), subcutaneous (the type of fat that sits just under the skin and what is known as stubborn fat that takes longer to disappear) and essential fat (which is exactly what it sounds like: it’s necessary for your overall health).

Fortunately, visceral fat is easier to lose than subcutaneous fat. One of the best methods to do this is to incorporate HIIT into your routine. You can do HIIT through various cardio activities; here are some examples below that will help you get rid of visceral fat. And then be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong, Toned Arms in 2022, Says a Trainer.

Bike races
Tim Liu, CSCS

First, you’ll want to warm up properly by sailing at a comfortable pace for 2 minutes. Once you’re ready, start running as hard as you can for 15-20 seconds. Once you’ve run, cruise at a slow pace for 20 to 40 seconds, then repeat again for 6 to 10 rounds.

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incline treadmill runningincline treadmill running
Tim Liu, CSCS

Begin this exercise by standing with your legs outside the belt and setting your treadmill to a 10% incline and the speed slightly higher than your typical jogging pace. Once you’ve established the incline and speed, get on the belt and run hard for 30 seconds.

Once you’ve run for 30 seconds, grab the side handles and carefully jump back onto the stable, stationary part of the treadmill. Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat this exercise for 10 rounds.

sled push workoutsled push workout
Tim Liu, CSCS

If you have access to a sled at your gym, start by loading it with a light weight (one 45-pound weight if there is only one slot, or two 25-pound weights if there are two). If you’re new to the exercise, hold the sled by the handles with your arms outstretched. Push the sled 20 to 40 yards one way, then back, keeping your body at a 45-degree angle to the bars at all times. Keep your eyes on the ground as you push. Rest 2-5 minutes before doing another set, aiming to do 3-5 sets of 20-40 yards each.

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rowing machinerowing machine
Tim Liu, CSCS

Hop on a paddle and warm up for a minute or two. Once you’ve warmed up, run hard for 60 seconds and see how many meters you can row in that amount of time. Rest 3-5 minutes afterward, then do another 60-second round, trying to match the same distance as your first sprint. Repeat for 5 rounds total.

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