The Best Hula Hoop Exercises To Shrink Belly Fat — Eat This Not That

There are many ways to exercise that will strengthen your muscles, help you lose weightand increase your energy levels, in addition to providing you with other benefits to stimulate the body. For example, running, yoga, and swimming are favorite staples. Or you can switch things up and grab a hula hoop! If you didn’t already know, there are some ultra-effective hula hoops out there. training to shrink the belly grease, and we’ll get into them next. But before you do, here’s some background information on exercise.

Something that is often seen as a children’s toy, and something that many of us probably haven’t used since we were kids, hula hoops can actually be a great way to exercise. Not only are they super fun, but according to the American Council on Exercise via new york magazineHula hooping can help you burn seven calories a minute while also benefiting things like your core muscles, posture, and circulation. When Philly-based content creator Angie Wang tried hula hooping on TikTok, she explained to washington post that it is not only a “fun and different” way to enjoy physical activity, but also noted that it “definitely strengthened [her] abs,” while leaving his midsection “stronger overall.”

So how do you get the same kind of results from your hula hoop training? Read on for the four most effective hula hoop exercises for reducing belly fat, according to experts. And then be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong, Toned Arms in 2022, Says a Trainer.

woman hula hoop exercise

“Hula hooping is an amazing aerobic exercise” that will “keep your core engaged” during your workout, Isaac Robertson, nutritionist and personal fitness trainer, as well as co-founder and editor-in-chief of Overall Shape it says Eat this, not that! For that reason, Robertson says, “If you’re a beginner, choose a weighted hoop, as they’re easier to handle and more effective than regular ones. You’ll burn more calories while trying to spin it.”

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Beyond that, Robertson adds, “If you want to reduce the fat around your waist, hula hooping is for you! Try including it in your daily exercise program, and you’ll be good to go!”

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standing hula hoop spinsstanding hula hoop spins

Whether you choose to use a weighted hula hoop or a regular version, Darryl Higgins, founder of athlete desk suggests incorporating standing twists into your exercise routine. Higgins notes, “With a hula hoop, this is one of the most basic forms of exercise,” while adding that “abs get a really good workout” by using the hula hoop to “twist in one position.” standing”.

To complete standing turns with a hula hoop, hold it firmly with your hands. While keeping your legs firm and still, as well as shoulder-width apart, rotate your upper body first to the right side for 5 to 10 seconds before doing the same to the right side. Try to increase the number of reps and sets as the exercise gets easier.

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woman sitting on the floor with hula hoopwoman sitting on the floor with hula hoop

“Russian twists are a fantastic basic exercise, [which] you can get a little better if you do it with a hula hoop,” Julien Raby, Certified Fitness Trainer, Gym Owner, and Founder of WodReview.comit says Eat this, not that! “Russian twists are amazing for burning calories. They are also great for abs and core strength. Increase the intensity of the exercise and/or incorporate weights into the routine to help burn more calories. This helps in managing love handles” .

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Similar to a standing twist, but instead of doing it while sitting on the ground, you can tackle a Russian twist while holding a hula hoop in both hands in front of you and leaning back as you lift your legs. While in this position, turn the hula hoop to your right side for 5 to 10 seconds before turning it to your left side. Once again, increase the number of reps and sets you can.

hula hoop weighted against the wallhula hoop weighted against the wall

Higgins also recommends doing hula hoop v-sits to target belly fat. Another hula hoop exercise that you’ll sit on the floor for, explains Higgins: “It’s an exercise that helps you build a strong core. It’s also the fastest technique for losing weight in your stomach.”

Again, sit down and hold your hula hoop in front of you, lean back and lift your legs. From there, let your legs lower, but don’t let them touch the ground before raising them back up until your body is in a V-shaped position. As always, increase the number of reps and sets as you go up. her strength.

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