The heatwave in May broke all records, a degree and a half more than in other years.

India experienced extreme heat in May 2024, with maximum and minimum temperatures frequently exceeding limits. During the last week of May, particularly between May 26 and 29, a period of intense heat was observed in northern and central India. In which the record temperature in New Delhi had reached 49.1 degrees Celsius.

The heatwave much more than human tolerance

According to the report published by the scientist, the heatwave was recorded in May. It was a degree and a half warmer than other years. Scientists have found that the heat wave that hit India this time is far beyond the tolerance of humans. The main reason for this is the excessive use of fossil fuels.

More than 37 cities recorded temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius

Temperatures were recorded above 45 degrees Celsius in more than 37 cities. Therefore, a warning about heat-related illnesses was issued and at least 24 casualties were reported. The Indian Meteorological Department found that the temperature in New Delhi was different from other stations. Demand for electricity in the nation’s capital has reached an all-time high. Because residents had to rely on air conditioning and fans to cope with the heat.

A group of scientists says the heatwave that hit India in May was the hottest on record. Scientists have discovered that India’s heatwave is about more than just human tolerance. Climatometer analyzes indicate that India experienced a severe heatwave in May. The reason is the El Nino effect, excessive warming of the surface of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean and increased heat from greenhouse gases.

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In recent decades (2002-2023), when the effects of climate change have become more pronounced. Using this method, scientists have found that heatwaves like India’s are now around 1.5 degrees Celsius more intense.

Scientists discovered this by comparing temperatures from the years 1979-2001 and the years 2001-2023. Compared to these years, the year 2024 will be much warmer. The strongest heatwave was recorded in the country. The May heatwave was more than a degree and a half Celsius warmer. Davide Franda, of France’s National Center for Scientific Research, said the temperature in India has reached almost 50 degrees Celsius and there is no technical solution in sight to reduce it. The reason for this would be the emission of carbon dioxide. We should try to reduce it. Full climate report Can be read on this site.

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