There is a risk of heat stroke even in the evening. If you take your child outside to play, keep these things in mind.

It is very difficult to keep the child packed at home all day in summer. At this time it is so hot throughout northern India that it is very important to protect the child from the hot wind and sun. This heat is so dangerous that many dangerous diseases can make your child sick.

Take care of your child well in scorching heat

If adults cannot handle the rising temperatures and scorching heat, how will children be able to handle it? We will explain to you how to take care of a 5 year old child so that the heatwave does not affect him. First of all, don’t let the child go out of the house during the heatwave.

There is a danger of heat waves even at school, during training and during sports. Due to the heatwave, there is a high risk of heat stroke, heat stress, allergies, respiratory problems, mosquito-borne diseases as well as cardiovascular diseases and diarrhea in young children.

Take special care when taking your child out to play.

Children aged 2 to 5 are very small. They need special protection during heatwaves. First, keep the child fully hydrated. It’s good if the child drinks as much water as he can. Young children are not able to drink water on their own. Until the child is over 2 years old, he does not drink water on his own. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the parents or elders of the house to continue providing water from time to time. Apart from all this, also give hydrating drinks. So that children can successfully fight against the heatwave.

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Make sure to use sun protection

Every time the child goes outside, be sure to use sun protection. So that their skin does not dry out. Be sure to apply the cream to the child’s face, neck, hands and body.

Don’t forget to cover the child’s head with a hat and cloth. It will not make the child’s head hot.

wear cotton clothes

Dress your child in cotton and light clothing in summer. This is very important for the child’s health. It is not at all correct to make the child wear thick clothes during this period. Wear light, loose clothing made from natural fabrics such as cotton.

Schedule outdoor play time

Even if you take the child to play, do not let him go out between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. During the heatwave, let them play only in the evening, otherwise they will be victims of dehydration as well as many other illnesses.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, fans should not be used in the summer because they continue to circulate hot air around the house. In such a situation, the body temperature of children remains balanced. It will be neither less nor more.

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