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Pregnancy is a very beautiful feeling for every woman, but pregnant women have to face many problems during pregnancy like back pain, headache, nausea and vomiting. So today we are going to give you some tips for a cool pregnancy in this scorching summer, which can help the pregnant woman avoid the heat.


Pregnant women have to face many health problems during the summer season. And during pregnancy, a pregnant woman always wants to eat and drink cold foods during the summer season, but eating too cold foods during pregnancy can cause swelling. Therefore, a pregnant woman should keep these things in mind to avoid heat.




Pregnant women should take care of themselves to avoid heat




Stay hydrated


pregnant during pregnancy Women HAS Water At least 8 to 10 glasses should be consumed per day. If you go out in summer, drink low-sugar electrolyte fluids.




healthy meal


usually in summer hunger Decreases, but protein intake is very important during pregnancy. herbal protein powder, berries and Coconut Consume protein with water. Include avocados in your diet.




check the amount of salt


because of the salt Body The amount of water increases. Let us tell you that because of this, the body starts to swell. Sodium enters our body from external foods. Therefore, pregnant women should check their sodium levels before eating anything. pregnancy You should avoid eating fast food and packaged foods. Also, during this period, raw fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly and consumed. So that the amount of salt remains less and there is no excessive heat.

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keep houses cool


  • Keep your house cool during the summer. nor properly in summer Sleep arrives and we don’t rest either. To keep your house cool, you can put curtains on the windows that allow sunlight to pass through. In this season, if there is air conditioning or a cooler in your house, dry your clothes only inside the house. For this reason, when the air from outside hits these clothes, they become cool.


  • Chill a few cucumber slices in the refrigerator or freezer and serve them to your eyes Place on top. You can also use a cotton swab or tea bag soaked in cold water.




fresh towel


A cool towel on the head or neck can provide some relief from the heat for pregnant women during pregnancy. These are amazing inventions that give you chills. Cool, soft, chemical-free towel that stays up to 30% cooler than skin temperature.




dress for summer


  • Wear loose clothing and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Avoid wearing dark colors during the summer season as they attract the sun’s rays.


  • Avoid wearing clothing containing polyester, blended and synthetic fibers. These fabrics make it difficult for the skin to breathe compared to natural fabrics. Instead, wear loose clothing made from cotton, linen and khadi, which absorb less heat. Additionally, light-colored clothing generally absorbs less heat than darker colors.


If you are working, consider working part-time or reducing your work hours. Because during pregnancy, a pregnant woman must take special care of herself as well as her baby.

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A pregnant woman should do yoga and exercise regularly on a daily basis to make her active and feel fresh. And if you exercise, the amount of water should be more. sum And the exercises will help you become energetic and calm. For a cool pregnancy in this scorching heat Exercise The best solution is to do it.




In the article above, we have given tips for pregnant women to avoid the heat in this scorching summer. These tips will definitely help you manage your summer pregnancy period easily and effectively. If you experience a problem due to heat, immediately seek medical advice



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