Understanding How Obesity is the Leading Cause of Heart Failure

World Obesity Day: We all know that increasing BMI beyond a certain limit is called obesity. Obesity is a disease in itself and a host of problems involving the heart, liver, kidney joints and nervous system. The first damage to the heart occurs in the arteries of the heart where fatty streaks form in people between the ages of 18 and 25 and this is a precursor to further changes leading to atherosclerosis (block). Excess cholesterol, fatty acids, triglycerides can accumulate in the vessel wall, which can alter elastin tissue which reduces vascular compliance and also hardens our arteries and therefore leads to hypertension.Also read – What is ‘Uncombable Hair Syndrome’, the rare genetic condition with which this toddler was born?

Severe blockages or hypertension alone can cause heart failure in people. Also, insulin resistance is common in obese people which leads to the deposition of sugar in the vessel wall. Diabetes itself is a pre-inflammatory condition that leads to a variety of mechanisms to increase free radicals and tissue damage. Also, neuropathy associated with diabetes reduces pain sensations and confuses people with symptoms. Many patients with diabetes are called silent heart attack. Also read – Does our risk of cancer increase with age? Expert answers

Unhealthy lifestyle activities that a person should avoid

  • Excessive caloric content in any form with high sugar fat content smoking and normal sedentary lifestyle is the main culprit.

Obesity contributes to heart disease

  • Follow the habit of healthy living
  • Avoid smoking or tobacco
  • Regular health check up after 35 years
  • Treatment of obesity or high BMI
  • Treatment of hypertension and diabetes
  • Hba1c less than 7 in diabetic patients
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Which is considered severe obesity

BMI over 30 is a serious obesity. Also read – World Obesity Day: 6 Best Ways to Avoid Obesity While Working From Home

(Inputs by Dr. Chandrasekhar Kulkarni, Consultant, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery [CVTS] At the renowned Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai)


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