US Fitness Influencer Who Underwent Drastic Weight Loss is Now on Dialysis

Lexi’s husband, Danny, posted the update on his Instagram account.

Lexi Reed lost 141 kg in two years. She had documented her weight loss journey on social media. However, a few days ago, she kept getting sick and it was discovered that she had multiple organ failure.

After inspiring people with her impressive weight loss journey in which she lost 300lbs in two years, fitness influencer Lexi Reed had to be admitted to hospital after her organs began to fail. She is now on dialysis and cannot walk. The tragic news was shared by her husband Danny, who took to Instagram and detailed Lexi’s condition through a small note. Danny also posted a photo of Lexi unconscious in her hospital bed while she is hooked up to medical equipment.

In the note, Danny shared that a few weeks before she was hospitalized, Lexi was frequently sick and “couldn’t keep anything down.” Danny further said that he noticed that Lexi was acting differently and decided to take her to the hospital. Lexi was then admitted to the ICU and doctors put her in a medically induced coma, she explained.

According to Danny, doctors put Lexi on a ventilator and informed her that her organs had begun to fail. “I was also told that if she had waited, she might have died,” Danny wrote. He added that Lexi is currently on dialysis and cannot walk at the moment.

Lexi’s husband also shared that he has no health insurance, and according to a Daily Mail report, Danny is now planning to set up a crowdfunding for Lexi’s treatment. Lexi Reed, a famous fitness influencer from Indiana in the US, documented and shared her incredible weight loss on social media. The 31-year-old used to weigh 217kg when she decided to work on her own health and dropped to just 78kg in two years. However, Lexi wasn’t alone as she pursued her fitness goal, as her husband Danny also joined her for clean eating and exercise.

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According to the news report, Danny also underwent a physical transformation and dropped his weight from 94kg to 43kg. After going through drastic weight loss, Lexi was left with a lot of loose skin. A few years ago, Lexi even underwent a nine-hour surgery to remove excess skin from her body.

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