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Mumbai: Dr Nihar ParekhSenior Pediatrician, Second Opinion Online Consultation for Children (SOCC), interacted with Prabhat Prakash from ETHealthworld on how technology is helping to close the improvement gap pediatric care regardless of geography. He also shares how early detection of ailments allows parents and doctors to provide the necessary care to children. Edited excerpts:

How can pediatric care be made more accessible? How do you think technology closes the gap in pediatric health services?

In my 16 years of practice as an experienced pediatrician, I have witnessed firsthand the struggles parents face when seeking top-notch pediatric care for their children. The key to making pediatric care more accessible lies in harnessing the power of technology. Using technology to bridge the gap between parents and medical professionals is the key to improving access to pediatric care. Technology allows us to provide individualized healthcare solutions by providing quick, easy and flexible consultations. Over time, this makes professional pediatric care more accessible and effective than ever.

What selection process was followed when incorporating 20 specialists from various pediatric subspecialties to the SOCC?

The selection process for specialists incorporated into SOCC was nothing short of meticulous and focused on ensuring the highest standards of pediatric care. We embarked on a journey to seek out the most esteemed experts in various pediatric subspecialties, from pediatric dentistry to ophthalmology, from dermatology to homeopathy, from cardiology to oncology, psychology and behavioral diagnostics, and more. Each specialist underwent a rigorous evaluation, analyzing their qualifications, years of experience, reputation in the medical community, and unwavering commitment to patient care. Through a series of interviews and peer reviews, we delve into their experience and ability to provide compassionate care through digital healthcare. Our mission was clear: assemble a diverse panel capable of addressing a wide variety of pediatric health issues, offering comprehensive and trusted medical advice to concerned parents. The stakes were high, but our dedication to excellence never wavered.

What flexible consultation options are offered to address diverse patient needs? How will you build trust with parents?

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Parents have the option to select a one-time consultation for immediate concerns or sign up for ongoing care plans for ongoing support. This flexibility allows parents to choose the option that best suits their individual needs and preferences. We understand the importance of building trust with parents, which is why we prioritize transparency, effective communication and personalized attention. Our consultations are thorough and informative, ensuring parents feel heard and supported every step of the way. Our dedicated team is committed to providing follow-up care and answering any questions parents may have, fostering a strong, trusting doctor-parent relationship. We are here to guide parents through every step of their child’s healthcare process, offering them peace of mind and peace of mind along the way.

How are second opinions and video consultations making a difference in pediatric care? How do you ensure that these sessions are as effective as in-person visits?

These virtual consultations They are especially valuable for families who live in remote areas or who lack access to pediatric specialists. We guarantee that these sessions are just as effective as in-person visits through the use of cutting-edge technology and Rigorous evaluation procedures. Our specialists perform comprehensive evaluations, review medical histories and offer detailed advice, reflecting the level of care provided during physical consultations. Additionally, we prioritize clear communication and follow-up care to ensure that parents fully understand their child’s health status and the recommended course of action. This approach not only raises the level of care but also allows parents to make well-informed decisions regarding the well-being of their children.What resources and tools are used to help parents make informed decisions? How do you transcend geographic limitations to offer top-notch services? medical guidance to parents regardless of their location?

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To overcome geographical barriers, we have incorporated cutting-edge technology artificial intelligence technology allowing seamless video consultations, direct calls and filtered calls. This ensures that parents, regardless of their location, can easily connect with our specialists from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, our social media channels serve as a valuable resource, providing extensive information on issues seen in children and practical advice for parents. By offering these digital resources and maintaining a strong online presence, we close the gap in pediatrics. health care servicesensuring that all parents have access to top-level medical advice

How does SOCC contribute to early detection and effective health management in pediatric care?

Our goal is to detect children’s health problems early and make sure they get the care they need. We offer different ways for parents to consult with us, whether through a one-time chat or ongoing support through a subscription. This way, we can monitor our patients and intervene quickly if we detect any potential problems. We believe in working together with parents to keep their children healthy. We encourage open communication about any milestones or symptoms that may seem small but could be important. If we stay committed, we can catch any problems early and make sure children get the help they need. Our team uses artificial intelligence technology to track patient information and analyze data to provide personalized medical advice. This helps us provide the best possible care for each child. With our systematic approach, we ensure that children receive the right treatment at the right time, leading to better health outcomes.

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What plans are in place for SOCC regarding expansion, new features and services? What role will technology play in the expansion?

We care about growth and innovation to provide our patients with the best care possible. As we get busier, we plan to expand each department by forming teams of super specialists. These teams will work together to consult with parents in a consistent and standardized way, ensuring that everyone receives top-notch care. Technology will be a big part of our expansion. We are looking to use artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to improve our diagnostic capabilities and make consultations more seamless. These tools will help us better manage patient data, provide more accurate diagnoses, and create personalized treatment plans.


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