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People with low muscle strength generally do not live longer than their stronger counterparts and are 50% more likely to die earlier. Muscle strength plays a more important role than mass in predicting overall health, researchers say. In addition, the grip strength of the hand is inversely proportional to the range of mobility.


However, although it is a simple and affordable test, grip strength testing is currently not part of most routine physical exams. “Maintaining muscle strength throughout life, and especially later in life, is important for longevity and longevity,” said researcher Kate Duchovn of the University of California, San Francisco. This research was published in the journal Gerotology: Medical Sciences. To do this, the research team analyzed data from 8,326 men and women aged 65 and over.





identify weak muscles




Poor posture is a clear sign of muscle weakness. stomach And Back lower part of the pelvis spine These help stabilize your back, which helps keep your upper back and shoulders in a neutral position. Due to the lack of strength in these muscles, you have a flexible posture.



Another sign of muscle weakness is lower back pain. When you are in the heart, Strong or is not balanced as it should be, your lumbar spine is likely to undergo changes. Even slight pressure on the vertebrae causes injury to the spinal cord and muscles. hands And legs Weakness can also indicate that your core muscles are weak. If you have trouble throwing a ball or punching a punch, it means your muscle strength is not strong.

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Another possible sign of muscle weakness is the inability to hollow the stomach. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, try to pull your abdominal navel towards your spine. Hold this position for a few seconds or count to 10, then release. If you can’t hold the grip for the entire count, it means your core is weak.






Symptoms of muscle weakness




  • lack of muscle energy Breath difficulty taking


  • faces problem to change the expressions of


  • lying down my Head unable to lift


  • difficulty chewing


  • Difficulty speaking and swallowing


  • muscle pain


  • muscle cramps





prevention of muscle weakness




  • It is important to rest the muscles after excessive activity. If you have anything related to hands exercise Then stretch your hands properly and do not do any work until you feel weakness.


  • Sometimes overuse of muscles can damage them, leading to weakness, such as when lifting heavy objects. It’s important to use proper form to avoid straining your muscles.


  • To maintain hand strength in your daily routine Exercise Do light strength exercises according to the rules and weight Increase it slowly, which will increase your hand strength and you won’t get a sprain.


  • By stretching the muscles, Blood Blood circulation is good, which is good for muscle repair and the ability to function. If you still suffer from muscle weakness, physiotherapy can provide relief. Your therapist will prescribe exercises to compensate for your muscle loss.
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Home remedies to eliminate muscle weakness




Oil massage: Daily oil massage is the best treatment for muscle weakness. This strengthens your muscles. Coconut oil and mustard oil hot Mix well and massage for 20 minutes. Repeat this process several times a day.


Exercise: Walking is the best way to cure muscle weakness. Walking, swimming, jogging, running and cycling for half an hour a day strengthens your weak muscles.


Eggs: Eggs cure muscle weakness and fatigue. in eggs protein This happens, due to which the muscles become stronger and their damage is repaired. Eat at least two eggs every day for breakfast.


Drink water: The main reason for muscle weakness is Body Water shortage. Drinking water strengthens the muscles and also cures the stiffness present there. ten glasses a day Water Drink and eat watery fruits, such as watermeloncucumber and coconut.


did: Bananas contain potassium as well as minerals that can cure muscle weakness. If you eat two bananas a day, the potassium will keep your muscles strong. You can also drink a banana milkshake.



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