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Wearing socks for a long time in summer can cause serious damage to the feet, smell is not its symptom



Changes keep coming in the weather, sometimes it is cold, sometimes it is hot, sometimes it rains, sometimes it is autumn, but if there is no change in anything, then it is going to office or school everyday. So whether it is winter or summer, a person wears socks in every season. If you have to go to office then you will have socks, if you will go to school then you will have socks. Although, children wear socks only for some time, but the elders who go to office have to wear socks throughout the day. But wearing socks for a long time is not good for health, especially in summer. If you are wearing tight stocking then it can cause you more problems. Let us know what harm can be caused by wearing socks for a long time.

Affects blood circulation

Wearing tight stockings for a long time causes swelling in the feet and reduces blood circulation. This causes restlessness and sudden heat. Wearing socks all day can also cause stiffness in the feet and numbness of the toes.


The skin of the feet can be damaged

Wearing socks continuously in summer causes sweating in the feet, which can spoil the skin of the feet. Some people buy cheap socks instead of cotton socks, which can increase its problem further. If the sole is closed inside the shoe, sweating occurs more, due to which moisture is generated. The problem of fungal infection increases and the skin of the feet starts deteriorating. In such a situation, take special care of the quality of the socks.

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Edema may occur

The accumulation of liquid in any part of the body and swelling due to it is a symptom of edema. There is a complaint of numbness of feet due to sitting or standing in the same posture for a long time. If the feet are getting numb despite this not happening, then it can also be a sign of a problem with the socks.

prone to fungal infection

The socks only absorb the sweat coming out of the feet. Wearing socks for a long time or wearing tight socks does not dry the sweat. Because of this, bacteria are produced in the socks, which can lead to fungal infection.

may be varicose

Wearing too tight socks can cause varicose veins. Those who already have this disease, they should take special care while wearing socks, otherwise the condition may get worse.

Pay special attention to these things while buying socks

While buying socks, you should keep in mind that they are cotton. Nowadays, even breathable socks have started coming. Cheap socks sold on the pavement can give you many problems. That’s why you should wear good socks, as well as not wear socks that are too tight or for too long.

don’t sleep wearing socks at night

Take off your socks before sleeping at night, otherwise there may be some serious problems like

1. Sleeping wearing socks can make you a victim of high blood pressure.
2. Sleeping wearing socks at night can spoil the hygiene of the feet.
3. Wearing tight stockings overnight can increase the risk of skin infection.
4. Wearing tight stockings for a long time can cause the body to overheat and feel strange discomfort.
You will not be able to sleep comfortably by wearing 5. socks.

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