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The problem of kidney stones is seen in many people these days. According to a study, 15 percent of Indians suffer from kidney stones and 50 percent of them suffer from kidney failure. These numbers are enough to describe the dire situation of this problem, but it is nevertheless unfortunate that most people are not fully aware of this problem. For this reason, they cannot receive proper treatment. If they had known, perhaps they too would have been relieved of this illness. If you are also deprived of this information then you must read this article.

Kidney stones, also called nephrolithiasis, are composed of minerals and salts that form primarily in the kidneys. This problem can occur for many reasons and if it remains incurable for a long time, it can affect the part of the urinary tract that runs from the kidneys to urinary bladder Goes up to.

How many types of kidney stones are there? (What are the types of kidney stones in Hindi)

Calcium stone: most kidney stones calcium These are stones, usually in the form of calcium oxalate. Oxalate is a substance naturally found in foods and consumed daily. Lever Is produced by. Some fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and chocolate, also contain high amounts of oxalate.

Discharge stone: Struvite stones are caused by infection, primarily in the urinary tract. These stones can grow quickly and become quite large.

Uric acid stone: These stones are more common in people who Sufficient Do not consume liquids or liquids that High Follow a protein diet. compared to women Men Uric acid stones are more common in people whose urine is more acidic.

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Cystine calculation: However, this is a type of kidney stone that occurs in very few people. This problem mainly occurs in people with genetic diseases. In the case of cystine stones, a substance called cystine acid Leakage from kidneys into urine.

Why do kidney stones appear? (Why Do Kidney Stones Occur in Hindi)

Nowadays, kidney stones have become commonplace. If symptoms of stones appear, they should be treated immediately. Let us know what are the reasons for kidney stones.

Drinking less water is one of the main reasons:

  • excess chemicals in urine

  • excessive consumption of junk food

What are the symptoms of kidney stones? (What are the symptoms of kidney stones in Hindi)

Although kidney stones cause pain, they are accompanied by many other symptoms:

  • Back pain and cramps in the lower back, abdomen
  • blood in urine

  • pain when urinating
  • Frequent feeling of urination but no urination

  • excessive sweating

How to treat kidney stones? (How to Treat Kidney Stones in Hindi)

Kidney stones can be treated in several ways, the main ones being:

Home Remedies: Kidney stones can also be treated with many home remedies. In this situation, by drinking a lot of water and urinating frequently with it, the stones can pass through the urine.

Adopt home remedies: If its symptoms are mild, the stones can also be treated with certain home remedies. In this, lemon juice and olive oil can be consumed and consumption of apple cider vinegar can also prove helpful.

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Take medications on time: Sometimes taking medications can also prove helpful in treating kidney stones, but these medications must be taken by a doctor. These medications prevent stones from growing in the body so they can be better treated.

Therapy: Taking treatment for kidney stones can also prove to be a beneficial method as it does not cause any side effects. Despite this, people cannot benefit from treatment because they do not have complete information about it.

Surgery: When stone disease cannot be treated by any means, doctors recommend surgery. In this situation, kidney stone removal surgery is the most effective surgery. In this procedure, kidney stones are surgically removed.

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