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The human body is made up of many organs, some that we can see with our eyes and others that are inside our body that we cannot see. Now there are so many organs in our body that we never know when a problem will arise. This is why today we are going to tell you about a disease of an internal organ whose name is hernia?



What is a hernia?


You already know that certain parts of the human body Body Are present in certain places inside. There are hollow spaces in these organs and this organ is simply surrounded by a layer of skin. When you lift something very heavy, this layer tears. After which these internal organs start coming out of their places and this condition is called hernia. Let us tell you that those who suffer from hernia start feeling a lot of pain even while doing simple work.



Types of hernia?


Inguinal hernia: This is the most common type of hernia, called an inguinal hernia. So far this has been found to occur at the thigh joint.


Femoral hernia: Femoral hernias mainly originate from the artery that runs from the abdominal veins to the thigh. Let us tell you that this is seen more in men.


Umbilical hernia: In this hernia, the umbilical vein is affected and it is called an umbilical hernia. As the name suggests, this hernia is related to the navel of the human body. When you lift heavy objects, the belly button bulges. Weak becomes and he muscles Spell.

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Apart from this, there are three other hernias, namely incisional hernia, epigastric hernia and hiatal hernia, but so far their occurrence has been observed very rarely.




hernia symptoms



stomach swelling : Due to a hernia, there is a swelling in the same part of the person where their muscles are weak.



indigestion : This problem often happens to many people but you should not panic. If you suffer greatly from this problem, you should immediately consult a doctor.



bleeding in stools : If this has happened to you even once, you should consult a doctor immediately.


Chest pain : Chest pain usually occurs when you cough. But if your chest hurts for no reason, here are its symptoms.


pain in the swollen area : If you feel pain in the swollen area, it is dangerous for you.




causes of hernia


  • lift heavy objects


  • advanced age


  • persistent cough


  • to gain weight


  • standing for long periods of time


  • excessive obesity



hernia check



This test is performed when the doctor sees the patient. In cases of a hernia, most doctors do not order an examination because they understand the symptoms. When they start having difficulty understanding her symptoms, they then recommend an ultrasound and CT scan.



Endoscopy :In some cases the doctor also advises this test to the patient. In this test, a thin tube is inserted down the patient’s throat to their stomach. At the end of this tube there is a small camera, with the help of which the image of the small organs inside the stomach can be easily seen on the computer screen.

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Ultrasound: Thanks to ultrasound, the condition of the hernia in the veins of the abdomen is observed. In most cases, it can only be detected by ultrasound.



To scan : In this test, using x-rays, the doctor studies images of the internal organs on the computer.



Gastrografin or barium x-ray: Let us tell you that as technology advances, so do processing facilities. In fact, this x-ray very clearly shows the image of the internal organs of the patient’s stomach. Before doing this test, the doctor asks the patient to drink Diatrizoate Meglumine and Diatrizoate Sodium or Gastrografin or liquid barium solution.



MRI: Often, doctors also recommend this test. Magnetic and radio With the help of the Web (radio waves), it becomes a little easier for the doctor to find out the condition of the internal organs.



After which the doctor operates on that person and for that the person must first get a thorough examination by that doctor and only then have the hernia treated. Through this surgery, weak muscles are supported. During a simple sewing, it can open. Therefore, it is important that you use a trellis, the lifespan of this trellis can be up to 10 years.




Ways to Avoid Hernia




  • OUR weight Don’t let it grow at all.


  • If you are constipated Exercise You can seek help and get rid of this problem.


  • Urine And do not exert any force during defecation, this has a detrimental effect on your nerves.
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  • Do not jump from too high a place, as this stomach Damages the nerves.


  • Do not lift heavy objects as this puts more pressure on the nerves in your stomach. If lifting is necessary, do not do it on an empty stomach.


  • Avoid smoking and consuming other intoxicants.




If symptoms of hernia appear, you should immediately consult a doctor. Because you shouldn’t be careless in this matter at all. Otherwise, it can become a cause of big problems for them, so do not ignore any stomach related problem, if any problem arises. definitely consult a doctor




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