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Aneurysm is also called aneurysm or aneurysm in Hindi. This is a dangerous disease that usually occurs in the brain, legs and stomach. People know very little about this disease in India, due to which thousands of people fall victim to it every year. Aneurysm disease can develop without any symptoms. Today we are going to talk about aneurysm and how it can be dangerous to your health.




What are the symptoms of aneurysm?


It is very difficult to detect the symptoms of this disease, its symptoms are not immediately visible from the outside.





  • dizziness and Head Wandering


  • drooping eyelids


  • double vision or other changes in vision


  • eye pain above or below




cause of aneurysm




The exact causes of this disease are not yet known, but certain factors increase the risk of this disease, such as:



  • Arterial walls due to deterioration of arterial tissue Weak Which can be the cause of an aneurysm.


  • Veins can also burst due to blood clotting.


  • Hi arterial pressure As a result, there is pressure on the veins, which can lead to the appearance of an aneurysm.


  • family story.


  • WHO polycystic People with kidney disease may also be at risk of aneurysms.




Common causes of aneurysm




Here are the most common causes of brain aneurysm:

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  • smoking


  • High blood pressure





How serious is the aneurysm?



  • This is a very serious disease because when the arteries become inflamed, only severe pain Not only that, but sometimes the artery bursts and blood begins to flow from the artery.


  • Apart from this, the nerves around the swollen artery are also affected.


  • This disease is serious because the symptoms of this disease are not known until the last minute. scene I discover.





Who is at risk of aneurysm?




  • People between 35 and 40 years old are more at risk, but children Anyone can also get this disease.


  • Certain habits also increase the risk of this disease, such as excess fat and cholesterol Consumption of fatty foods, history of heart disease in the family, smoking, obesity and sometimes pregnancy There may also be a risk of aneurysm.





Treatment to prevent an aneurysm?



Diseases like aneurysm can be reduced by changing your lifestyle.





To do this, keep the following things in mind:





  • Reduce the consumption of fast foods, junk foods and foods made with ghee oil as they contain unsaturated fats.


  • Consume foods containing saturated fats like meat, eggs, fish, etc.


  • regularly every morning exercise Do mostly cardio exercises.


  • Avoid smoking and using tobacco.


  • Do not use birth control pills.
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  • Weight Don’t let it grow too much.


  • Maintain normal blood pressure.




How to treat an aneurysm?




There are two main treatment options for this condition.




Surgical cut




Clipping surgery is performed to treat aneurysms. Aneurysm surgically removed by a neurosurgeon Neck A small clip is placed on it to stop the bleeding.




Endovascular coiling




  • This is a less invasive procedure than surgical cutting. neurosurgeon a trough Plastic A tube (catheter) is inserted into an artery, which is usually your Size is happening, and it’s your Body Leads to an aneurysm.



  • The surgeon uses a guidewire to push a flexible platinum wire through the catheter and into the aneurysm. The wire wraps inside the aneurysm and obstructs blood flow.






Today we have discussed about aneurysm and its symptoms, causes, risk factors and most importantly, its treatment. The best and most effective way to remedy this is surgery. If you experience any of the symptoms above, as soon as possible consult a doctor immediately




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