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Arthritis can cause joint pain, swelling, redness, or difficulty moving muscles. If these symptoms do not improve within a few days, you should consult a doctor. When you go to the doctor to get a gout test, he or she will find out through a physical exam whether or not you have symptoms of arthritis. After taking your medical history and performing a physical examination, the doctor will tell you what tests to perform. A single test is not enough to diagnose arthritis, so you may need to have multiple tests.

Arthritis is also called arthritis in common parlance, which means a disease in which a person’s joints become swollen due to pain. This condition is very painful for any person because during this time they have to undergo unbearable pain. But despite this, it is a relief to know that if treatment is started on time, anyone can get rid of it.

There are mainly 2 types of arthritis:

osteoarthritis: This is the main symptom of arthritis, which affects the cartilage in a person’s joints. In osteoarthritis, the cartilages tear or stretch, making it difficult for the person to walk.

Rheumatoid arthritis: This is another type of arthritis that affects people between the ages of 40 and 50.

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Arthritis, like any other disease, has certain symptoms that indicate its onset. Therefore, if these 5 symptoms are observed in a person, they should immediately contact a doctor and have their health checked.

Articular pain: It is the main symptom of arthritis, in which a person feels pain in the joints. Although this problem can be cured by knee massage or exercise, if it remains incurable for a long time, it can prove harmful to any person.

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Joint stiffness: It is also often seen that due to arthritis, a person’s knee joints become stiff.

Swelling of the knees: If a person suddenly experiences swelling in the knees, he or she should not ignore it and should immediately inform the doctor.

difficulty walking: This is another symptom of arthritis, in which the person starts having difficulty walking. This condition is very painful for any person and during this time, they need another person to straighten them out.

redness of the skin of the knee joint: due to arthritis of the knee joint skin Become red.

Why does arthritis appear?

Arthritis can happen to anyone and can occur for the following reasons:

Joint injury: arthritis or Arthritis The risks of contracting the disease are higher in people who knees Have I ever been hurt? Therefore, if a person is unaware of a knee injury, they should have it checked immediately.

Genetic causes: Some diseases are genetic and passed down from generation to generation between family members. These include arthritis, which can happen to people whose family has already suffered from it.

Calcium deficiency in the body: The human body needs all types of nutrients because they In good health Play an important role in maintaining. It also contains calcium, whose main function is bone To strengthen the body, but if a person does not consume foods rich in calcium, he or she may face many diseases, including arthritis.

Side effects of any medication: In case of illness, doctors give us medicine. Although they help us recover, these medications also have side effects. Because of this, we are more likely to suffer from many serious illnesses like arthritis.

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Weakening of immunity: The main cause of arthritis is the immune system. Therefore, everyone should regularly Exercise This should be done so that their immunity becomes strong.

How to treat arthritis?

Gout is generally considered an incurable disease and people who suffer from it are not able to treat themselves properly. But if they knew that arthritis, like any other disease, can be cured, which they can do in these 5 ways, they could live a better life:

take medication on time: This is the simplest way of treating arthritis, in which medicines are given to the person. These medications are found to be helpful in reducing and increasing arthritis pain.

Physiotherapy: Sometimes arthritis can also be treated with physical therapy. the body thanks to physiotherapy Muscles An attempt is made to correct it.

sum: Yoga can also prove to be an effective remedy in treating arthritis. If a person is suffering from arthritis, he can easily cure it by doing Trikonasana, Virasana, Gomukhasana, etc.

Radiography: Sometimes doctors also treat arthritis with X-rays. Thanks to this, they are humane Body Treat arthritis by taking internal photos.

Knee surgery: When arthritis cannot be treated in any way, doctors perform knee surgery.

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