What is depression: know the symptoms, causes and treatment

Due to depression, people start losing interest in life and in such a situation they prefer to live alone. Most of the problems of depression are death of a loved one or loss of job, usually all these things become the cause of depression. Depression is a mental disorder in which a person feels sadness, loneliness, hopelessness and self-deception.


Nowadays, people take their work so seriously that they often become victims of depression because of it. And in such a situation, they start feeling like outsiders and even positive things start seeming negative to them. People who suffer from depression do not feel interested in doing anything and begin to feel that their life is hopeless.





symptoms of depression




  • loss of appetite


  • excessive sleepiness


  • inability to concentrate on a single task


  • feeling lonely


  • think negatively all the time


  • to be very angry


  • drinking sessions


  • lack of will to live



Many people are very concerned about their work goals. Tension They start living in slums and become depressed patients. If you’re suffering from depression because of your job, you’re not alone. from America Worry And according to the Depression Association, more than 16 million American adults suffer from depression.




because of depression




increasing workload



As you get older in the company, the company’s expectations of you start to increase. This is why the workload begins to increase and gradually becomes a cause of stress.

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Lack of nutrients can also cause depression



There may be a risk of depression due to a deficiency in certain nutrients, such as magnesium, iron, vitamins D, folate, amino acids and zinc.




stress at work



There may be stress due to office workload, which affects work.




We give you some tips that will help you overcome this type of depression.




talk about



If you ever feel alone, don’t stay alone, talk to your friends or loved ones. Remember that talking to someone often solves problems. Therefore, tell your friend in detail about all your problems and try to find solutions to overcome them.





make good friends



Always be friends with those people who are always happy and laughing. Keep the environment around you pleasant.




do your favorite job



If you are unhappy with your job, this may be the main reason for your depression. If you don’t like this job, try another job, do something you love doing. By doing this, you will stay focused on your work and there will be no problems like depression.




plan a trip



If you are unable to find time for yourself because of work, then you should plan to go somewhere with your friends.




By improving your lifestyle, you can get rid of problems like depression, such as:


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  • by improving relationships



  • after eating a good meal


  • By changing negative thoughts,


  • don’t be alone


  • Have had your fill of sleep




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