Why is the problem of fatty liver disease increasing in children? If you mix this thing with milk, be careful.

Fatty liver in children: Sugar is not called white poison for nothing, but it is very harmful to every human being. Sugar can be harmful not only to diabetic patients, but also to common people and children. Especially in children, the problem of fatty liver disease, also called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, is increasing rapidly. Let us tell you today how this sugar is the enemy of children’s health and how to avoid it.

Sugar is the cause of obesity and fatty liver disease in children

Health experts believe that the problem of obesity among children is increasing rapidly and the main reason why children suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease problem is white sugar. Yes, according to the latest report, fatty liver disease was found in 62 percent of overweight children aged 11 to 15 years. This sugar acts as a sort of slow poison. In fact, processed high-fructose corn syrup causes liver-related fat buildup. Some research has shown that sugar can be as harmful to the liver as alcohol.

How long should you not give sugar to children?

Health experts believe that a child under the age of 1 should not consume salt at all and should not eat sweets until the age of 2. Most people add sugar to milk to develop children’s taste, but by adding sugar, children may complain of stomach ache and constipation and gradually liver related problems also start, so try to avoid that. Keep children away from sugar and don’t overdo it. consuming too many sugary foods and drinks.

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