Woman found dead at Mental Health Centre has severe wounds on back of her head

Kozhikode: The woman who was found dead at the Government Mental Health Center in Kuthiravattom has serious injuries to the back of her head. Several other wounds were also found on her body.

Jiyaram Jilott (30), a native of Maharashtra, was found dead by the doctor at the facility when she went for her daily checkup. She was sleeping in cell number 10 in the forensic women’s room. Her post-mortem procedures are progressing at the Kozhikode Medical College.

Superintendent Dr. KC Rameshan said a fight broke out between Jiyaram and his fellow prisoner over their bed space. His cells were changed after this. The doctor arrived and inspected only the other inmate involved in the fight, a 19-year-old girl. Jiyaram was not treated or examined by the doctor. The doctor found her dead the next morning during daily rounds.

The deceased woman arrived at Kuthiravattom on January 28. Her husband, a Thalassery native, abandoned her and she was forced to live on the streets of Thalassery. The woman has a son. The police took her away after seeing her hurt the boy.

The Medical College police have booked a case for unnatural death. Forensic, fingerprinting experts and a team led by Tahsildar Ramya S Namboodiri arrived at the Mental Health center for inspection.

There was swelling behind her head where she was hit. She was also bleeding from her ears and nose. Officials also reported that a lock of long hair was also found in her hand.


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