world malaria day 2024

Malaria, a disease that affects thousands of people across the world, is celebrated every year on April 25 as World Malaria Day. This day is dedicated to raising awareness and raising awareness among the population about malaria, and is also an opportunity to make them understand the importance of their role in the fight against this disease.

This year, the theme for World Malaria Day is “Shared Power in the Fight Against Malaria”. This theme emphasizes the importance of collaboration and partnership in malaria control activities. The importance of partnerships between government institutions, non-governmental organizations, economic institutions, universities and other organizations is extremely important in the field of malaria control.

On World Malaria Day, we are proud to see that major changes have taken place in the fight against malaria in recent decades. Malaria deaths have declined and many countries have successfully implemented malaria control programs. But many people still suffer from this disease, especially the poor and helpless.

The fight against malaria requires social collaboration, scientific leadership and leadership. It is not possible to eliminate malaria without the collaboration of government agencies, public organizations, scientists, entrepreneurs and social organizations.

On this important occasion of World Malaria Day, we should all commit to increasing knowledge about malaria at our social and personal levels and to cooperate in the fight against this scourge. We must develop systems to end this disease and help the poor and helpless with the help of economic and resource assistance.

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