6 Podcasts to Soothe an Anxious Mind

Opening episode: “Raised to Present Well: Dr. Kate Truitt”

As the name suggests, this series offers a variety of practical, problem-focused techniques that listeners can use in their daily lives, with an emphasis on anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and depression. The host, Kimberley Quinlan, a licensed marriage and family therapist, adopts a warm and encouraging tone as she shares scientific data from her own clinical practice. Many of her tools are based on mindfulness: the practice of paying attention to the present moment and one’s thoughts with an attitude of acceptance. Since the essence of anxiety for many people is worrying about an anticipated hypothetical scenario, this type of approach can be ideal for getting out of that mindset.

Opening episode: “20 phrases to use when you are anxious”

In 2018, Yale University opened enrollment for what would become the most popular course in its 300 years of history, titled Psychology and Good Living. Taught by Laurie Santos, the class focused on positive psychology, a therapeutic approach dating back to the 1990s that pays the same rigorous attention to positive emotions (including happiness, gratitude, and resilience) as psychology. traditional lends itself to negative ones. Following the success of the class, Santos integrated her teachings into this uplifting weekly podcast, which combines the latest research on happiness with conversations about how to leverage positive psychology in relationships, work, and managing mental health issues. .

Opening episode: “Get out of the way of anxiety”

Today’s work culture tends to measure self-esteem through productivity and many industries are introducing quantitative measures. to track worker efficiency. Feeling that our worth depends on our ability to get things done can contribute to burnout, depression and anxiety, and erodes the already blurred boundaries between work and family life. The latest six-episode season of “How To,” a podcast from The Atlantic, encourages us to reevaluate our perception of time, with hosts Becca Rashid and Ian Bogost exploring why it’s so difficult to truly rest. Why “being busy” is a trap and what theoretical physics can teach us about the passage of time.

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Opening episode: “How to rest”

Sometimes the best way to combat anxiety is to face it head on. But if you’re in an anxiety spiral, going over the same worries over and over again, then distraction may be the best medicine. This wholesome and informative science podcast offers just that: offering deep dives into animals of all kinds along with interviews with conservationists and researchers. Each episode highlights a different creature, including familiar species like polar bears, puffins, and, the internet’s favorite, capybarasand nearly extinct rarities like the giant Mekong catfish. Research indicates that Owning a pet can have extensive mental health benefits.But if that’s not in your plans, taking a sound vacation in the animal kingdom is not a bad substitute.

Opening episode: “How animals help us overcome trauma”

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