Sharon Stone admits to trying to confront her ‘demons’ due to mental health struggles in emotional interview


Sharon Stone confessed in a new interview that she often struggles to overcome her mental health issues.

“We’re all trying to face our demons, and we’re all acting out, me too,” the “Basic Instinct” star, 66, said on “Turkish Tea Talk with Alex Salmond” on Thursday, “and trying to figure out discover how to keep getting up, keep helping people get up even if we knock them down and make sure we all get back up.”

Stone, who works with the World Health Organization, noted that one in 10 people “globally” is having “a mental crisis.”

Sharon Stone got emotional in a new interview. YouTube/@trtworld
“We’re all trying to face our demons,” he said on “Turkish Tea Talk with Alex Salmond.” YouTube/@trtworld

The movie star then shared that he believes people should try to fix themselves instead of relying only on political figures for policies that can help them.

“To try to say, they have to be our leaders, well, what leader do you think it will be? It has to start with the individual,” Stone explained.

“You gotta stay strong, and when you throw it away? OK, so what? “That was two steps ago.”

She reiterated, “You have to pick yourself up, pull yourself together, and help whoever you think you’ve bumped into, and keep moving forward and achieve instant forgiveness. Instant forgiveness to yourself.”

Stone said one in 10 people worldwide are suffering a “mental crisis.” YouTube/@trtworld
However, the movie star said the right kind of help must “start with the individual.” YouTube/@trtworld

Moments later, in conversation with the Turkish news show, Stone became emotional as she talked about how she used her Hollywood platform to advocate for marginalized groups.

In 2013, the “Casino” star became a Nobel Prize winner after receiving the Peace Summit Prize for his work on behalf of people with HIV and AIDS.

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“I suddenly thought, ‘I’m in the right damn room.’ These are my people,” Stone said of how she felt attending a panel on creating global peace.

Increasingly emotional, she added through tears: “I would stay on the street with these people. I would risk my life for these people. “These people understand me, I understand them.”

Stone began to cry when talking about his work defending global peace. YouTube/@trtworld
“These people understand me, I understand them,” she said through tears. YouTube/@trtworld
In 2013, Stone was named a Nobel Prize winner. Getty Images for the Red Sea International Film Festival

The “Total Recall” star concluded: “It took me 35 years, but I’m in the right room and I never told people here in Los Angeles that I won. I didn’t tell anyone because I thought, ‘How can I tell people in the film business that I won a Nobel Prize?’

Stone’s candid interview comes weeks after she made another surprising confession about her career.

In March, the “Running Wild” star revealed for the first time the name of the producer of the film that supposedly pressured her to have sex with a former co-star in an effort to get a “better” performance.

Stone recently revealed that director Robert Evans allegedly pressured her into having sex with a former co-star. Corbis via Getty Images
The actress has admitted that she took a break from Hollywood. Getty Images for amfAR

On the “Louis Theroux” podcast, Stone claimed that Robert Evans called her into his office when they were making the 1993 movie “Sliver” and told her that she “should sleep with Billy Baldwin.”

“Now all of a sudden I’m in the ‘I have to screw people’ business,” he added in the episode.

Stone shared on “Turkish Tea Talk” that she now spends around 17 hours a day painting and will only return to acting for a role that is “really powerful and meaningful.”

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