Why skin-to-skin care is important for a newborn, according to the expert

When a child is born, he needs a lot of warmth and touch from his mother. Skin-to-skin care, also known as kangaroo mother care, involves the mother holding her newborn close to her chest, so the baby can have skin-to-skin contact. Experts say this care is essential for the baby’s health. and happiness. It is very beneficial for the baby and also helps the mother bond with her baby. Skin-to-skin care has many benefits.

Temperature control.
Newborns cannot balance their body temperature on their own, so it is very important to keep them warm. By coming into contact with his mother’s skin, the baby receives natural warmth, which makes him feel comfortable and safe. This skin-to-skin treatment not only keeps baby warm, but also keeps him calm and stable, thereby keeping him healthier.

Emotional connection
Skin to skin – skin care creates a strong and deep emotional bond between mother and newborn. When a mother holds her baby close to her chest, this contact strengthens the feeling of love and trust between them.

Increase immunity
Skin-to-skin care strengthens the newborn’s immune system. When a mother holds her baby close to her chest, this contact gives him the strength to fight off illnesses, so he can stay healthier.

Breastfeeding aid strong >
Staying close to the mother makes breastfeeding the newborn easier. When the baby is attached to his mother’s breast, he responds quickly and well to breastfeeding. This provides him with nutrition and also improves his health.

Improves sleep
Skin-to-skin care improves the quality of sleep in newborns. There is an improvement. . When the baby stays in contact with his mother, he feels calmer and relaxed, which allows him to sleep longer and more soundly.

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Reduced crying
Skin-to-skin care keeps babies calmer and more content, reducing crying. When babies cry less, they are more relaxed and their developmental process is also positively affected.

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