A person infected with H5N2 bird flu has died, do you know why this virus is so dangerous?

A person infected with H5N2 bird flu has died in Mexico, the first human death from the virus. This virus is considered very dangerous. Scientists and health experts are studying this question and trying to understand why this virus is so dangerous. Come tell us this whole story and the reasons why this virus is dangerous.

Death from H5N2 bird flu for the first time
The World Health Organization (WHO) reported on June 5 that for the first time in Mexico, a person contracted and died from H5N2 bird flu. This case is a rare example of avian flu infection in humans. Experts have expressed concern about the spread of this virus and advised the population to remain vigilant. WHO has opened an investigation into this incident in collaboration with Mexican authorities and is preparing to take further action.

cause of death
According to the WHO, this person died not only from the H5N2 virus, but also from many diseases. After he died in hospital, tests revealed the presence of the H5N2 virus in his body.

people who came into contact
17 people who had been in contact with this person were tested at the hospital and the results were all negative. 12 people near his home were also tested and all were negative.

after that ?
The WHO said the investigation was still ongoing. Blood tests are being conducted to determine if there has been a previous infection. We also check whether he was infected through contact with a person or animal or not. Currently, the WHO believes that the H5N2 virus poses little risk to the general public, but the investigation continues.

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