Anne Hathaway on How She Overcame Being a “Chronically Stressed Young Woman” in Hollywood

Anne Hathaway opens up about how stress affected her early in her acting career and how she eventually learned to deal with it.

During an interview at The New York Times podcast The interviewThe Oscar-winning actress shared that she probably played “chronically stressed young women” because she used to be “a really stressed young woman” in real life.

“I was a very stressed young woman,” Hathaway recalls. “And as a young woman who previously suffered from chronic stress, which leads to, you know, all kinds of things, I remember thinking one day, ‘You’re taking this for granted, you’re taking your life for granted,’” referring to her. professional success at that time.

And he added: “You have no idea. Something could fall from the sky and the lights will go out for you. So when I notice my old instincts kicking in, I just tell myself, ‘You’re not going to die stressed.'”

When podcast host David Marchese asked The idea of ​​you star What was the source of the stress? She replied: “I still didn’t know how to breathe. And that was really complicated. “It was very, very complicated not knowing how to breathe.”

Hathaway explained that “literally everything” in her personal life as a young woman who rose to fame in Hollywood caused her stress at one point or another, adding: “I was very, very, very in my head, about a lot of things. “

He The Miserables The actress also noted that she was feeling “somatic” stress, which meant she had physical symptoms as well as mental ones.

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“I was caught up in this feeling,” Hathaway later added. “It’s that, I want to achieve things, I want to grow, and you think, mistakenly, that the way to do it is to be very hard on yourself. You are moved by self-criticism.”

However, he was finally able to change his thinking years later when he realized that “to keep that narrative alive, I was going to have to deny a lot of things. I just said, ‘You’re going to have to accept that if nothing else happens to you, you’ve had a really wonderful life.’ You have been given gifts and opportunities. And for you to continue walking down this path without being grateful, I don’t think you’re really like that.’ She felt like a light came on.”

Now in her 40s and as a mother of two young people, The princess’s Diary The actress said she learned to “cure” her anxiety and “not relive it.”

“I work hard to be present,” Hathaway shared. “Like I said, I’m more grateful. I am more settled with myself. “I am less afraid of things not happening.”

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