Risk of heart disease and diabetes may be zero if you do it daily

Cardiac disease: If you live outdoors and visit places like parks, your heart health will remain better. It also reduces the risk of dangerous diseases like heart attacks and diabetes. A recent study showed that spending time in nature reduces the risk of heart disease and many chronic illnesses. This also reduces the swelling problem.

Published in the Brain, Behavior and Immunity Journal, this study focused solely on inflammation occurring in the body. Let us tell you that some previous studies have revealed that the mental and physical health of nature lovers is much better. A new study now reveals deep connections between heart disease and nature.

What does the study say?

According to this study, spending more time in nature brings benefits on three different indicators. It contains interleukin-6 (IL-6), C-reactive protein and cytokines. The study team, led by Professor Anthony Ong from the Department of Psychology at Cornell University of America, said that by focusing on indicators that increase inflammation, the study explains biologically how nature is good for your health.

Being in nature improves health

The study indicates that by spending more time in nature, the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes can be easily avoided and managed. The research team analyzed the physical health of 1,244 participants and also examined physical tests, urine and blood samples.

How long should you go out for?

Regarding how long one should walk in nature to stay healthy, study author and researcher Anthony Ong said it’s not about how long people go outside and how long during which they remain in nature, but from their experiences. Ong said that even when controlling for other variables such as population, healthy behaviors, medications and well-being, his team found that being nature lovers, i.e. spending time in nature, also reduced the problem of inflammation. This is why everyone should spend some time daily with nature.

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