You will stay healthy in summer, if your diet is like this, know from dietitians what to eat and what not to eat.

Healthy summer diet: The summer heat is felt in most parts of India. Rising mercury is becoming a health challenge. In such a situation, good eating habits and daily routine become very important. Due to the high temperature, excessive sweating occurs, which disrupts the electrolyte balance. Problems like dehydration occur because of the heat. Therefore, you can save yourself by improving your diet. Stay healthy by including certain nutrients in your diet. In such a situation, let us know what type of food should be consumed in this season.

need vitamin C

The risk of flu and many types of bacterial infections increases in summer. To avoid this, it is necessary to strengthen the body. Vitamin C can help with this, as it protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. For this, include foods like lemon, orange, sunflower seeds and almonds in your diet.

Include protein in your diet

Weakness and fatigue can be very serious during the summer season. Protein can be helpful in eliminating this. Its consumption does not reduce the body’s energy. Lots of protein is found in different legumes, proteins and seeds, which can help protect against heat. Consumption of Sattu is very beneficial for health in summer. Keep drinking water in proper quantity.

Potassium will eliminate weakness and fatigue

Due to excessive sweating, potassium, one of the body’s essential electrolytes, begins to decrease. For this reason, problems with fatigue, weakness or cramps begin in strong sunlight. Therefore, the amount of potassium in food should be increased. For this, banana, beans, broccoli, avocado, lentils and dried fruits should be included in the diet.

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Carotenoids Antioxidants

Carotenoids, antioxidants found in red, yellow and green fruits and vegetables, work to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. It contains elements lycopene and lutein, which protect the skin. To do this, include papaya, watermelon, carrot, broccoli and other seasonal green vegetables into your daily routine.

what to eat when dehydrated

Drink a glass of tomato juice regularly. To compensate for the lack of water in the body, certain seasonal fruits and vegetables must be included in the diet. For this, watermelon, melon, squash, tomato, cucumber and sugarcane juice should be included in your diet. This does not pose a problem of dehydration and can help keep the body healthy.

Take care of these things in summer

1. Stay away from fried foods and junk food.

2. Continue to drink water every two to three hours.

3. Make sure to consume coconut water, lassi, buttermilk, sugarcane juice and sattu.

4. Stay away from cold drinks or any packaged juices.

5. Eat 5 to 10 basil leaves every day.

6. Eat curd at least twice a day.

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