Anne Hathaway shares how she copes with chronic stress

Anne Hathaway recently appeared on ‘The Interview’ podcast

Anne Hathaway Shared Some Interesting Tips on Coping with Chronic Stress and Anxiety

During his recent appearance on The New York Times podcast The interviewThe 41-year-old actress opened up about suffering from somatic stress when she was younger and joked that it helped her take on roles of “chronically stressed young women.”

“I was a very stressed young woman,” she admitted.

He princess diaries The star then explained how a single epiphany helped her change her way of thinking.

“As a young woman who previously suffered from chronic stress, which leads to, you know, all kinds of things, I remember one day thinking, ‘You’re taking this for granted,’” she reflected.

Hathaway further admitted that she “didn’t know how to breathe,” which caused her constant stress.

She explained: “You have no idea. Something could fall from the sky and the lights will go out for you. So when I notice my old instincts kicking in, I just tell myself, ‘You’re not going to die stressed.'”

Summing up her past experiences, she explained: “I was very, very, very psyched about a lot of things. I guess maybe that’s the easiest way to say it.”

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