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Are you also using fake sugar candy thinking it to be real? Real Mishri has this identity



Mishri or Rock Sugar is a natural sugar. In which any kind of chemicals are not mixed. It is said that no chemicals are mixed in it, rather it is made from sugarcane steam. When sugar candy is produced, the juice of the tar tree is added to it. Along with promoting sugary digestion, eating this food mixed with fennel after eating also gives a lot of benefits to the body. It also acts as a refreshing mouth freshener. According to Ayurveda, Mishri also has many health benefits. However, the sugar candy that you often eat may not be pure. So in such a situation the question arises that how to know which is good quality sugar candy and which is of poor quality?

indianexpress.com According to the news published in ‘Multifit’ nutritionist Rohit Waghmare said, if you do not want to eat refined white sugar, then you can include Mishri in the diet instead. Rock candy looks similar to sugar in color but tastes much better.


There are three types of sugar candy available in the market

Threaded sugar candy: This is simply sugar candy crystallized on a thread. This is the authentic, traditional form of Mishri.

sugar candy crystals

large crystallized lumps without any thread

How to differentiate between fake and real sugar candy?

Nutritionist Rohit Waghmare says that if you want pure sugar candy, always choose sugar candy with threads. According to Ayurveda it is recommended to use Mishri with thread as it is the authentic, traditional Mishri. Nowadays sugar candy is also sold, but it is without thread. Therefore, if you want to buy sugar candy and not sugar, then buy sugar candy with threads only. Buy sugar candy with thread only.

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Why is fake sugar candy considered hot and real sugar candy cold?

Nutritionist Rohit Waghmare said, ‘Fake sugar candy is made from many types of chemicals and the process of high heat. And the amount of sugar in it is very high. which makes it hot. On the other hand, real sugar candy is made from sugarcane slurry and the sap of the Palmyra palm tree. Before making real sugarcane, sugarcane juice is made by putting it in a drum. Where threads are already placed. And the solution is allowed to dry around the threads. The process of crystallization and recrystallization of sugar candy makes it easily digestible and leaves a cooling effect on the body. Because of which real sugar candy is called Thanda.

Sugar candy is very beneficial for health

Treats cold and cough

Cough, cold and sore throat are common problems. Especially in winters rock sugar is full of healing properties which can cure you instantly. For this, first make a paste by taking half a teaspoon of sugar candy and black pepper and eat it at night while sleeping. By doing this, sore throat gets cured. Taking sugar candy and black pepper powder with lukewarm water cures cough and also removes excess phlegm.

promotes digestion

Rock Sugar is a scrumptious candy, you can eat after an elaborate meal which promotes digestion. It starts digestion immediately and is very beneficial for your health.

Keeps you energetic throughout the day

Sugar candy controls mood swings during periods. Sugar candy improves memory and reduces mental fatigue. Drinking a glass of hot milk with sugar candy at night is the best way to increase memory.

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