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Amla for hair that stays shiny, thick and beautiful


Eat one amla daily and hair will remain thick, shiny and beautiful.

Amla also known as nectar or nectar – it is indeed one of the most nourishing herbal substances for hair!


There is a famous chronicle that gives an example of how amla helps in reversing gray hair.

There was a man who regularly went to a barber to get his hair colored. But one day, he stopped coming. The barber thought why!


A few days later the barber met his old client across the street, and asked him why he had not seen him for so long.

The client told the barber that he had started using amla in his diet, and the graying of hair had suddenly reversed! He didn’t need to dye anymore.

Let’s know about the miraculous fruit Amla.

The word Amla is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Amalaki’. It literally translates to nectar or the fruit of heaven.

Now as defined by traditional Indian medicine, amla is considered to be the best anti aging herb. According to Ayurveda, it is also believed that consuming amla regularly keeps a person young and energetic for 100 years.

Even medical research supports the effectiveness of amla for one’s health. Amla works great for one’s eyesight, and it also boosts the immune system. Then Amla is considered very effective for the regulation of blood sugar.

And you should definitely use amla for hair problems you might find it interesting.

Amla is an excellent hair tonic. For years, Amla has worked well to ensure beautiful hair for Indian women! In fact, Amla is known worldwide as the Indian gooseberry.

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Berry simply acts as an excellent conditioner. And with amla, you can also keep a check on hair fall and graying.

Let us quickly learn about the benefits of amla for our hair.

1. Works Great For Hair Growth:

Amla is rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. And it works effectively to facilitate the growth of new and healthy hair as well as to increase the circulation of the scalp and strengthen the hair from the roots.

2. Allows one to track graying of hair

Amla is one of the best ways to improve hair color, thereby keeping hair black and thick.

3. Best way to control dandruff and scalp condition

Take amla, and with its tremendous healing effects, amla is the best way to ward off all the conditions that can trouble the scalp. While amla keeps the scalp healthy, it has anti inflammatory and anti microbial effects which make it a great remedy if you are fighting dandruff.

With its cooling effect, amla helps in healing the skin as well as getting rid of dandruff, irritation and itching.

4. A hair conditioner like none other

Amla is one of the oldest known hair conditioners, and even in present times it is often used as a hair wash.

Source by Harshad Jethra

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