Fast Hiring Jobs – Top 5 Jobs to Have in 2010

Finding a job in this economy is not an easy task. Often people get overwhelmed and stressed because finding a job is a job in itself. All the small details about landing a job are sometimes to much to handle and most people don’t know where to start. I’m going to give you some simple … Read more

Breathing Stars, Inspiration and the Labyrinth of Correspondence

In about 5 billion years our sun is expected to die. Recently the Hubble Space Telescope, trained on the planetary nebula NGC 6210 about 6,500 light-years away, photographed a star, slightly less massive than our sun, suffering its last gasp. A dying star forms a planetary nebula (really just gas and dust, but resembling a … Read more

Top 8 Behavioral Methods for Managing Depression

Do you want to avoid using psychotropic medications to address your symptoms of depression? Here are some behavioral methods you can use to combat the symptoms. Exercise daily – The best thing you can do to behaviorally manage symptoms of depression is exercise 20 minutes every day. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain that fight … Read more

The Risks of Surrogate Motherhood and How to Deal With Them

A surrogate mother often faces criticism and judgment from others for the choice she have made. However, those are less problematic when compare to the risks that she takes for her own family, friends and spouse. These risks can be daunting and cause challenges she might not have considered before getting involved. These risks can … Read more

The Secret Alien Agenda and the Stupidity Virus

With all due allusion to myth, magic and metaphor, and perhaps even an attempt at allegory, the “secret alien agenda” pertains to a cosmic conspiracy. There is no intent to any references, direct or indirect, with regard to illegal human trespassing across sovereign borders of various countries. In addition, the “stupidity virus” suggests the devolving … Read more

Soy Safe – Soy Dangerous

The story of soy and how went it from a relatively obscure, seldom eaten food to a mainstream $6.6 billion a year industry and growing is a curious one. In 1913 soy was listed in the USDA’s handbook not as a food but as an industrial by-product. Originally planted in the US extensively in order … Read more

Surrogacy Versus Adoption – The Pros and Cons

Couples who are unable to have their own children either through fertility problems or because they are a gay couple will now find that they have more options. As in they can either, choose adoption or surrogacy. The choice will however, be very personal. Does the couple feel the need to be genetically related to … Read more

Iodine and Breastfeeding – Safe Or Dangerous Combo?

Iodine and breastfeeding – both are controversial subjects.  In the world of breastfeeding there is a lot of controversy about what is best for you and your baby, and how long to breastfeed.  The truth of the matter is that, there are some misconceptions regarding the safety of breastfeeding while taking iodine. If your thyroid … Read more