Beat the heat and humidity: Take these steps that will keep you cool

The heat continues to wreak havoc across the country. The temperature keeps rising and it has become difficult for people to live. According to the Meteorological Department, this year’s heat broke records from recent years. The temperature exceeded 45 degrees Celsius in many cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Jaipur. The maximum temperature recorded in Delhi on Monday was 46.2 degrees Celsius, the highest in the last 10 years. The temperature in Mumbai also exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. In some parts of Rajasthan, the temperature reached 50 degrees Celsius, disrupting normal life.


People are asked not to leave the house unnecessarily and to drink enough water. Doctors say the risk of heat stroke has increased in this scorching heat, so it is necessary to take precautions. Children and the elderly are advised to take special care. An increase in the number of patients is also seen in public hospitals due to the heat. Cases of heatstroke and dehydration have increased. The government has also taken special measures to deal with the heat and numerous campaigns are being carried out to raise awareness among the population.


This heat explosion not only affected human life but also animals and the environment. There has been a drop in water levels and an increase in forest fires. Experts believe that due to climate change, similar conditions may persist in the coming years and therefore we must pay special attention to environmental protection.




To avoid the heat, take these steps that will keep you cool


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heat and humidity Season Maintaining freshness can be a challenge, but by adopting a few simple and effective measures, you can get rid of this problem. The tips given below will help you get relief from heat and humidity.



  • It is more important to keep the body hydrated in summer, in order to weakness Don’t feel it. To keep the body hydrated, drink plenty of water throughout the day and Coconut Water, Lemon Also drink water and fresh juices.


  • You should not consume alcohol or caffeine in extreme heat. Consumption of intoxicants causes dehydration of the body.


  • Avoid heavy and spicy foods. Eat salad, curd and fresh fruits. Include mint, cucumber and watermelon in your diet, which provide freshness to the body.


  • cold twice a day Water Take a bath with it. This will cool the body and relieve dampness. After bathing, apply moisturizer to the skin to keep the skin hydrated.


  • Get enough sleep and rest. Sleep Due to a lack of Body The ability to fight heat is reduced.


  • Wear light, cotton clothing to help absorb sweat and keep skin cool. Wearing light-colored clothing reduces the effect of the sun and makes you feel cooler.


  • Consuming basil leaves boiled in water can provide coolness to the body. Pink water consumption faces Use it as a spray, it refreshes and skin Provides freshness.



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