Best Warmup Exercises to do Before Going for a Run

Most people who go for a run just lace up their shoes and head out. But there has to be a quick warm-up routine to get the muscles in your body activated before an intense run. The problem with most people is that it’s hard enough to convince yourself to get out of bed early in the morning or not stay on the couch after work but go for a run, and then do a pre-workout before you run as well. To solve this problem, we have created quick and easy exercises to do before you go for a run that will activate the muscles in your body and give you a boost of energy.

  • Extension: There is nothing better than stretching. It is the first thing that anyone should do before any type of physical activity. It prevents the chances of injury or muscle cramps.
  • walking lunges: It is a very beneficial exercise to do before running, since it activates the muscles of the race, such as the glutes, hips and thighs.
  • Hops or taps with opposite fingers: These two exercises activate your whole body. Jumping jacks help you hold your breath while moving your whole body, it also gets your blood flowing. Toe touches also work very well by moving the back and arms that
  • high knees: The goal of the warm-up exercise before running is to activate the muscles that will help you run, so how can we forget about the most important part of our knees? High knees improve speed, leg strength, and flexibility.
  • heel kicks: This helps you activate your gluteal muscles and increase your flexibility.
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If you do these five exercises each for 2 minutes or so, you will find that your body is active and ready for a good run. Warm-up exercises are a must before running as they reduce the risk of injury, increase your heart rate, stretch your muscles and increase your energy.

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